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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1994

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181   Chapter: Non homogeneous parallel memory operations in A VLIW machine
R. Milikowsky, W.G. Vree in: Parallel Processing: CONPAR 94 - VAPP VI (1994), p. 485-496
182   Chapter: Functional languages on the Move - Working paper
J.D. Mountjoy in: Implementation of Functional Languages (1994), p. 21.1-20.7
183   Chapter: Software engineering for parallelism: an exercise in separating design and implementation
M.R. van Steen, H.J. Sips, H.X. Lin in: Massively Parallel Processing (1994), p. 125-134
184   Chapter: A formal approach to the compilation of data-parallel languages
J. Trescher, L.C. Breebaart, P.F.G. Dechering, A.B. Poelman, J.P.M. de Vreught, H.J. Sips in: 7-th annual Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (1994), p. 11.1-11.10
185  download 29045 Article: Eye in Hand Robot Calibration
G.D. van Albada, J.M. Lagerberg, A. Visser in: Industrial Robot, Vol. 21 (1994), p. 14-17
186   Chapter: Advances in robot calibration: Modelling, Parameter Identification, Measurement
K. Schroder, S.L. Albright, M. Grethlein, A. Lisounkin, G.D. van Albada, J.M. Lagerberg, A. Visser in: Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Industrial Robots (25th ISIR) (1994), p. 733-740
187   Chapter: Calibration applied to quality control in robot production
K. Schroder, R. Bernhardt, S.L. Albright, H. Worn, S. Kyle, G.D. van Albada, J. Smyth, R. Meyer in: The 10th International Conference of CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the Future: CARs & FOF '94 (1994), p. 578-583
188  download 36225 Article: Parallel algorithms for solving large linear systems
T.J. Dekker, W. Hoffmann, K. Potma in: Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 50 (1994), p. 221-232
189   Chapter: Solving linear equations by direct methods
W. Hoffmann in: Aspects of computational science (1994), p. 261-268
190  download 2362 Chapter: DynamicPVM: Dynamic Load Balancing on Parallel Systems
L. Dikken, F. van der Linden, J.J.J. Vesseur, P.M.A. Sloot in: High Performance Computing and Networking, Volume II Networking and Tools (1994), p. 273-277