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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1984

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41  download 4786 Article: UBV Photometry of the Optical Candidate for Large Magellanic CLOUD-3: Erratum
M. van der Klis, S. Tjemkes, J. van Paradijs in: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 132 (1984), p. 240-240
42  download 43112 Article: Electron paramagnetic resonance on iron-acceptor pairs in silicon
J.J. van Kooten, G.A. Weller, C.A.J. Ammerlaan in: Physical Review B, Vol. 30 (1984), p. 4564-4570
43   Book editorial: Varieties of formal semantics: proceedings of the fourth Amsterdam Colloquium, September 1982
F. Landman, F.J.M.M. Veltman (1984), p. xii, 425
44   Report: Geïntegreerde bestrijding in de Derde Wereld: verslag van het symposium, gehouden op 2 november 1983 te Wageningen
A. Laurense, P. Mols, M.W. Sabelis, H. Venne (1984)
45  download 43108 Article: Nuclear quadrupole resonance and heavy-fermion superconductivity in CeCu2Si2
D.E. MacLaughlin, C. Tien, L.C. Gupta, J. Aarts, F.R. de Boer in: Physical Review B, Vol. 30 (1984), p. 1577-1579
46   Chapter: EXOSAT observations of the Andromeda Nebula
S.P. McKechnie, F.A. Jansen, P.A.J. de Korte, F.W.H. Hulscher, M. van der Klis, J.A.M. Bleeler, K.O. Mason in: X-ray astronomy '84: Proceedings of an International Symposium on X-Ray Astronomy, June 1984, Bologna, Italy. (1984), p. 373-
47  download 43105 Article: Neutron-diffraction study of α- and β-oxygen
R.J. Meier, R.B. Helmholdt in: Physical Review B, Vol. 29 (1984), p. 1387-1393
48  download 43216 Article: Solid Oxygen at High-Pressure and Low-Temperature - Raman Observation of Librons and Vibron
R.J. Meier, M.P. van Albada, A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 52 (1984), p. 1045-1047
49   Chapter: An objective comparison of various centromere determination techniques
M. de Muinck Keizer, F.C.A. Groen, I.T. Young, A.W.M. Smeulders in: Proceedings of the 5th European Chromosome Analysis Workshop (1984)
50  download 43111 Article: Bulk superconductivity in the heavy-fermion superconductor UPt3
T.T.M. Palstra, K.H. Kes, J.A. Mydosh, A. de Visser, J.J.M. Franse, A. Menovsky in: Physical Review B, Vol. 30 (1984), p. 2986-2988