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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2012

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21   Article: Nederland en Latijns-Amerika
M. Baud, B. Hogenboom in: Openbaar Bestuur, Vol. 22 (2012), p. 23-28
22   Article: Vrije ruimte: Het recht op stedelijkheid
I. Nio in: Agora, Vol. 28 (2012), p. 50-
23   Article: Social exclusion and punishment of excluders: neural correlates and developmental trajectories
B. Gunther Moor, B. Güroğlu, Z.A. op de Macks, S.A.R.B. Rombouts, M.W. van der Molen, E.A. Crone in: NeuroImage, Vol. 59 (2012), p. 708-717
24   other: Iedereen aan het flexibele werk
A. Nauta (2012)
25   Book review: 
P. Gracia, C. Delclós in: Athenea Digital, Vol. 12 (2012), p. 247-250 , The truly disadvantaged: the inner city, the underclass, and public policy
26   Article: Taal in eindexamens soms te moeilijk: onderzoek naar talige complexiteit
B. Montagne, C. van Boxtel, J. van Drie in: Kleio, Vol. 2012 (2012), p. 39-44
27   Book review: Reconciling difference and equality
P. Geschiere in: Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. 47 (2012), p. 34-37 , Subaltern citizens and their histories: investigations from India and the USA
28   Chapter: The political economy of autochthony: labour migration and citizenship in Southwest Cameroon
P. Geschiere in: Fractures and reconnections: civic action and the redefinition of African political and economic spaces: studies in honor of Piet J.J. Konings (2012), p. 15-35
29   Article: Variety of urban tourism development trajectories: Antalya, Amsterdam and Liverpool compared
H. Erkuş-Öztürk, P. Terhorst in: European Planning Studies, Vol. 20 (2012), p. 665-683
30   Article: Special issue on: 'low pay, low skill, and low income': editors' introduction
C. Lucifora, W. Salverda in: The Manchester School, Vol. 80 (2012), p. 1-5