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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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501  download 464706 Article: Quality of life and disease-specific functioning of patients with anorectal malformations or Hirschsprung's disease: a review
E.E. Hartmann, F.J. Oort, D.C. Aronson, M.A. Sprangers in: Archives of disease in childhood, Vol. 96 (2011), p. 398-406
502   Article: L-DRD4 genotype not associated with sensation seeking, gambling performance and startle reactivity in adolescents: the TRAILS study
E. Nederhof, H.E. Creemers, A.C. Huizink, J. Ormel, A.J. Oldehinkel in: Neuropsychologia, Vol. 49 (2011), p. 1359-1362
503   Article: Predictors of antisocial and prosocial behavior in an adolescent sports context
E.A. Rutten, C. Schuengel, E. Dirks, G.J.J.M. Stams, G.J.J. Biesta, J.B. Hoeksma in: Social Development, Vol. 20 (2011), p. 294-315
504   Article: Het meten van effecten in de (justitiĆ«le) jeugdzorg
J. Asscher, M. Hoeve in: Delikt en Delinkwent, Vol. 41 (2011), p. 275-278
505   Article: Types of automatically activated prejudice: assessing possessor- versus other-relevant valence in the evaluative priming task
J. Degner, D. Wentura in: Social Cognition, Vol. 29 (2011), p. 182-209
506   Article: Affective priming with auditory speech stimuli
J. Degner in: Language and Cognitive Processes, Vol. 26 (2011), p. 1710-1735
507   Article: The primacy of perceiving: emotion recognition buffers negative effects of emotional labor
M.N. Bechtoldt, S. Rohrmann, I.E. de Pater, B. Beersma in: Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 96 (2011), p. 1087-1094
508   Article: Managing voluntary turnover through challenging assignments
P.T.Y. Preenen, I.E. de Pater, A.E.M. van Vianen, L. Keijzer in: Group & Organization Management, Vol. 36 (2011), p. 308-344
509   Article: Reality at odds with perceptions: narcissistic leaders and group performance
B. Nevicka, F.S. ten Velden, A.H.B. de Hoogh, A.E.M. van Vianen in: Psychological Science, Vol. 22 (2011), p. 1259-1264
510   Article: Applicant reactions to rejection: feedback, fairness, and attributional style effects
S. Schinkel, D. van Dierendonck, A. van Vianen, A.M. Ryan in: Journal of Personnel Psychology, Vol. 10 (2011), p. 146-156