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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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501   Article: The role of the left inferior frontal gyrus in social perception: an rTMS study
M.C. Keuken, A. Hardie, B.T. Dorn, S. Dev, M.P. Paulus, K.J. Jonas, W.P.M. van den Wildenberg, J.A. Pineda in: Brain Research, Vol. 1383 (2011), p. 196-205
502   Book: Internationaal publiekrecht vanuit politicologisch perspectief
C. Hille (2011), ix, 212 p.
503   Book: De Mahnes: familie in beweging, 1750-1950
O. van den Muijzenberg, D. Wijnen (2011), 309 p.
504   Article: Mechanistic curiosity will not kill the Bayesian cat
D. Borsboom, E.-J. Wagenmakers, J.-W. Romeijn in: Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 34 (2011), p. 192-193
505   Article: Where are the genes? The implications of a network perspective on gene hunting in psychopathology. [A commentary on Johnson et al.].
A.O.J. Cramer, K.S. Kendler, D. Borsboom in: European Journal of Personality, Vol. 25 (2011), p. 270-271
506   Article: Effective connectivity of fMRI data using ancestral graph theory: dealing with missing regions
L. Waldorp, I. Christoffels, V. van de Ven in: NeuroImage, Vol. 54 (2011), p. 2695-2705
507   Article: Executive functions as predictors of math learning disabilities
S.W.M. Toll, S.H.G. van der Ven, E.H. Kroesbergen, J.E.H. van Luit in: Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol. 44 (2011), p. 521-532
508   Book review: 
H.-A. van der Heijden in: Environmental Politics, Vol. 20 (2011), p. 439-440 , The politics of water in Africa: the European Union's role in development aid partnership
509   Article: Neural correlates of trial-to-trial fluctuations in response caution
L. van Maanen, S.D. Brown, T. Eichele, E.-J. Wagenmakers, T. Ho, J. Serences, B.U. Forstmann in: Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 31 (2011), p. 17488-17495
510  download 458978 Article: Intrusions of autobiographical memories in individuals reporting childhood emotional maltreatment
A.-L. van Harmelen, B.M. Elzinga, R.A. Kievit, P. Spinhoven in: European Journal of Psychotraumatology, Vol. 2 (2011), p. 11