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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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371   Article: Crisis redt ruimtelijke ordening
L. Janssen-Jansen in: Agora, Vol. 27 (2011), p. 30-33
372   Article: Cardiovascular disease and obesity prevention in Germany: an investigation into a heterogeneous engineering project
J. Niewöhner, M. Döring, M. Kontopodis, J. Madarász, C. Heintze in: Science, Technology, & Human Values, Vol. 36 (2011), p. 723-751
373   Article: Dialogue 2011: building bridges in dialogue with the future: an introduction
M. Kontopodis, D.S. Newnham in: Ethos, Vol. 39 (2011), p. 71-75
374   Book editorial: Memory detection: theory and application of the concealed information test
B. Verschuere, G. Ben-Shakhar, E. Meijer (2011), p. XVII, 319
375   Article: The resurgence of German capital in Europe: EU integration and the restructuring of Atlantic networks of interlocking directorates after 1991
K. van der Pijl, O. Holman, O. Raviv in: Review of International Political Economy, Vol. 18 (2011), p. 384-408
376   Article: Sex steroids and brain structure in pubertal boys and girls: a mini-review of neuroimaging studies
J.S. Peper, H.E. Hulshoff Pol, E.A. Crone, J. van Honk in: Neuroscience, Vol. 191 (2011), p. 28-37
377  download 464702 Article: The Mindful Attention Awareness Scale for Adolescents (MAAS-A): psychometric properties in a Dutch sample
E.I. de Bruin, B.J.H. Zijlstra, E. van de Weijer-Bergsma, S.M. Bögels in: Mindfulness, Vol. 2 (2011), p. 201-211
378  download 464703 Article: Profiling dizziness in older primary care patients: an empirical study
J. Dros, O.R. Maarsingh, D.A.W.M. van der Windt, F.J. Oort, G. ter Riet, S.E.J.A. de Rooij, F.G. Schellevis, H.E. van der Horst, H.C.P.M. van Weert in: PLoS One, Vol. 6 (2011), p. e16481-
379   Article: Maternal and paternal parenting styles: unique and combined links to adolescent and early adult delinquency
M. Hoeve, J.S. Dubas, J.R.M. Gerris, P.H. van der Laan, W. Smeenk in: Journal of Adolescence, Vol. 34 (2011), p. 813-827
380  download 465338 Article: Measuring group climate in prison
P. van der Helm, G.J. Stams, P. van der Laan in: The Prison Journal, Vol. 91 (2011), p. 158-176