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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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251   Article: Pathophysiology of chronic nitric oxide synthase inhibition-induced fetal growth restriction in the rat
M.G. Neerhof, S. Synowiec, S. Khan, L.G. Thaete in: Hypertension in pregnancy, Vol. 30 (2011), p. 28-36
252   Book: The politics of home: belonging and nostalgia in Western Europe and the United States
J.W. Duyvendak (2011), XI, 150 p.
253   Article: Inhabitants of the screen: celebrity and the production of religious authority in Bahian Candomblé
M. van de Port in: Australian religion studies review, Vol. 24 (2011), p. 254-274
254   Chapter: De Veder Methode: een nieuwe methode van communiceren tussen zorgverleners en mensen met geheugenproblemen in de psychogeriatrische zorg
F. Tol, J.C.M. van Weert, S.S.T. Hermanns, R.M. Dröes in: Evaluatie van de Veder Methode: theater als contactmethode in de psychogeriatrische zorg (2011), p. 17-68
255   Article: Limitations of the motivational intensity model of attentional tuning: reply to Harmon-Jones, Gable, and Price (2011)
R.S. Friedman, J. Förster in: Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 137 (2011), p. 513-516
256   Article: Local and global cross-modal influences between vision and hearing, tasting, smelling or touching
J. Förster in: Journal of Experimental Psychology. General, Vol. 140 (2011), p. 364-389
257   Article: Stepping back to see the big picture: when obstacles elicit global processing
J. Marguc, J. Förster, G.A. van Kleef in: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 101 (2011), p. 883-901
258   Article: When any Worx looks typical to you: global relative to local processing increases prototypicality and liking
J. Förster, M. Denzler in: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 48 (2011), p. 416-419
259   Book review: 
M. Fennema in: Acta Politica, Vol. 46 (2011), p. 215-216 , The secular outlook: in defense of moral and political secularism
260   Article: The emergence of industrial relations in regional trade blocks: a comparative analysis
M.E. Kaminska, J. Visser in: British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 49 (2011), p. 256-281