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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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121  download 483671 Chapter: Governance and NTFP chains in the Takamanda-Mone landscape, Cameroon
V. Ingram, S. Asha, T. Sunderland, A. Tajoacha in: Collaborative governance of tropical landscapes (2011), p. 183-215
122   Article: How will e-health affect patient participation in the clinic? A review of e-health studies and the current evidence for changes in the relationship between medical professionals and patients
C. Dedding, R. van Doorn, L. Winkler, R. Reis in: Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 72 (2011), p. 49-53
123   Article: "Almost invisible scars": medical tourism to Brazil
A. Edmonds in: Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Vol. 36 (2011), p. 297-302
124  download 333184 Dissertation: Mobilizing motherhood: case study of two women's organizations advocating HIV prevention programs in Indonesia
J.D. Imelda (2011), p. x, 192
125  download 204584 Dissertation: Admissible statistics from a latent variable perspective
A. Zand Scholten (2011), p. xviii, 171
126   Book: On bosse ici, on reste ici! La grève des sans papiers: une aventure inédite.
P. Barron, A. Bory, S. Chauvin, N. Jounin, L. Tourette (2011), 312 p.
127  download 203234 Dissertation: The role of orthographic and phonological processing in dyslexia and reading
J.I. Bekebrede (2011), p. x, 205
128   Article: Dutch children at family risk of dyslexia: precursors, reading development, and parental effects
E. van Bergen, P.F. de Jong, A. Regtvoort, F. Oort, S. van Otterloo, A. van der Leij in: Dyslexia, Vol. 17 (2011), p. 2-18
129  download 334364 Dissertation: Militarized youths in western Côte d’Ivoire: local processes of mobilization, demobilization, and related humanitarian interventions (2002-2007)
M.L.B. Chelpi (2011), p. xvi, 281
130   Chapter: Kindercriminaliteit zoals waargenomen door ouders, leerkrachten en psychiaters [Child delinquency as seen by parents, teachers and psychiatrists]
M. Hoeve, A. Donker, C. Al, P. van der Laan, A. Neumann, K. Wittebrood, H. Koot in: Misdadigers van morgen? Over de ontwikkeling en effectieve aanpak van jeugddelinquentie onder twaalfminners (2011), p. 37-52