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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2004

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861   Article: Put your money where your mouth is! Explaining collective action tendencies through group-based anger and group efficacy
M. van Zomeren, R. Spears, A.H. Fischer, C.W. Leach in: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 87 (2004), p. 649-664
862   Article: Capacity and comprehension: Spontaneous stereotyping under cognitive load
D.H.J. Wigboldus, J.W. Sherman, H.L. Franzese, A. van Knippenberg in: Social Cognition, Vol. 22 (2004), p. 292-309
863   Article: Relations between emotions, display rules, social motives, and facial behaviour
R. Zaalberg, A.S.R. Manstead, A.H. Fischer in: Cognition & Emotion, Vol. 18 (2004), p. 183-207
864   Article: How are affect and familiarity/novelty related?
R.H. Phaf, M. Rotteveel in: Psyche (2004)
865   Chapter: I laughed, I cried, I settled: The role of emotions in negotiation
B. Barry, I.S. Fulmer, G.A. van Kleef in: The handbook of negotiation and culture (2004), p. 71-94
866   Chapter: Introduction
N. R. Branscombe, E.J. Doosje in: Collective guilt: International perspectives (2004), p. 3-15
867   Book: Collective guilt: International perspectives
N. R. Branscombe, E.J. Doosje (2004), 339 p.
868   Chapter: De structuur van ambivalente attitudes: Inzicht door gebruik van impliciete associatiematen
J.N. de Liver, D.H.J. Wigboldus, J. van der Pligt in: Jaarboek Sociale Psychologie 2003 (2004), p. 217-226
869   Chapter: Consequences of national ingroup identification for responses to immoral historical events
E.J. Doosje, N. R. Branscombe, R. Spears, A.S.R. Manstead in: Collective guilt: International perspectives (2004), p. 95-111
870   Chapter: Power, social categorization, and social motivation in negotiation: Implications for managers and organizational leaders
C.K.W. de Dreu, G.A. van Kleef in: Leadership and power (2004), p. 153-168