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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2001

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681   Book: Social Cohesion in Almere. Social relationships in a young city
P.L.L.H. Deben, C.J.M. Schuyt (2001), 78 p.
682   Article: De smaak van het WBO. Smaak in twee dimensies
E. de Wijs-Mulkens, W.J.M. Ostendorf in: Tijdschrift voor de Volkshuisvesting, Vol. 7 (2001), p. 45-50
683   Article: Absentee voting, participation, and mobilization.
S.A Banducci, J.A Karp in: American Politics Research, Vol. 29 (2001), p. 183-195
684   Article: Participation in conversations about the news.
C. de Boer, A.S. Velthuijsen in: International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Vol. 13 (2001), p. 140-158
685   Article: Perceptions, opinions and party preferences in the face of a real world event: Chernobyl as a natural experiment in political psychology.
W. van der Brug in: Journal of Theoretical Politics, Vol. 13 (2001), p. 53-80
686   Article: The organisaton of external communication disciplines in UK companies: A conceptual and empirical analysis of dimensions and determinants.
J.P. Cornelissen in: Journal of Business Communication, Vol. 38 (2001), p. 413-438
687   Article: Measuring agreement in ordered rating scales.
C. van der Eijk in: Quality & Quantity, International Journal of Methodology, Vol. 35 (2001), p. 325-341
688   Article: Devil's advocate or advocate of oneself: Effects of numerical support on pro- and counterattitudinal self-persuasion.
T.T. Postmes in: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 27 (2001), p. 395-407
689   Article: Issues and party competition under alternative electoral systems.
J.A Karp, S.A Banducci in: Party Politics, Vol. 8 (2001), p. 123-141
690   Article: Coalition government and satisfaction with democracy: An analysis of New Zealand's reaction to proportional representation.
J.A Karp in: European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 40 (2001), p. 57-79