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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 1990

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131   Article: When a queen speaks to her nation
A.J. Vrugt in: British Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 29 (1990), p. 367-373
132   Chapter: Risk communication in the Netherlands: the implementation of the EC-post-Seveso directive
R.A.P.M. Weterings, J.C.M. van Eijndhoven, J. Worrell, J. de Boer, J. van der Pligt, P.J.M. Stallen in: Communicating with the public about major accident hazards (1990), p. 451-460
133   Article: Political geography of panregions
H. van der Wusten, J. O'Loughlin in: Geographical Review, Vol. 80 (1990), p. 1-20
134   Chapter: Effects of semantic and spatial compatibility on event related potentials and reaction time
E.J. Zeef, A. Kok, F.T.Y. Smulders, J.C. Woestenberg in: Psychophysiological Brain Research (1990), p. 153-158