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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 2012

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111   Chapter: Capacités langagières des enfants bilingues présentant un trouble spécifique du langage oral
A. Laloi, A. Baker, J. de Jong, M.T. Le Normand in: Bilinguisme et biculture: nouveaux défis? XIIèmes Rencontres internationales d'orthophonie (2012), p. 233-254
112   Book review: 
B. Pranger in: The Journal of Religion, Vol. 92 (2012), p. 297-299 , Seducing Augustine: bodies, desire, confessions
113   Chapter: Eurocentrizm and the "Ugric-Turkish" question
L. Marácz in: Tүpkı дүниеcı: ғылыми-kѳпшiлik aльмaнaхы: 2012 = Turkic world: popular science almanac (2012), p. 360-369
114  download 460791 Dissertation: A history of our connected future: dystopia, telecommunication technology and space
T. van den Berg (2012), p. 227
115  download 460971 Article: ‘Si deve amare la mamma anche se povera’: the Dante Alighieri Society, Italian emigration and the safeguarding of italianità, 1870-1925
T. van Kessel in: Incontri: rivista europea di studi italiani, Vol. 27 (2012), p. 21-29
116   Article: Nonword repetition: the relative contributions of phonological short-term memory and phonological representations in children with language and hearing impairment
J. Rispens, A. Baker in: Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, Vol. 55 (2012), p. 683-694
117   Book editorial: Re-treating religion: deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy
A. Alexandrova, I. Devisch, L. ten Kate, A. van Rooden (2012), p. XVI, 400
118   Article: National sovereignty within the European Union: the case of Hungary
L. Marácz in: Central Asia's Affairs, Vol. 46 (2012), p. 18-27
119   Dissertation: Engineering revolution? Building parties and bringing down dictators in the former Yugoslavia
M.S. Spoerri (2012), p. 269
120  download 460000 Dissertation: Singing corporeality: reinventing the vocalic body in postopera
J. Novak (2012), p. 184