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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 2005

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571   Article: Plural formation in German sign language: constraints and strategies
R. Pfau, M. Steinbach in: Linguistische Berichte, Vol. 15 (2005), p. 111-144
572  download 38081 Article: Transitional syntax: postverbal pronouns and particles in Old English
W.F. Koopman in: English Language and Linguistics, Vol. 9 (2005), p. 47-62
573   Book review: Aan de zelfkant van het Nederlands
J.P.A. Stroop in: De Groene Amsterdammer, Vol. 129 (2005), p. 42-43 , Wereldnederlands: oude en jonge variĆ«teiten van het Nederlands
574  download 38082 Chapter: Tranen voor Venus : afscheid voor Ad
J.P.A. Stroop in: A.D. 2005 (2005)
575   Chapter: Relative clauses in German Sign Language: Extraposition and reconstruction
R. Pfau, M. Steinbach in: Proceedings of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 35), Vol. 2 (2005), p. 507-521
576   Chapter: Exemplar-Based Explanation
R. Bod in: Proceedings of MBR'04 (2005)
577   Chapter: When a Wh-word is not a Wh-word : the case of Indian Sign Language
E.O. Aboh, R. Pfau, U. Zeshan in: The Yearbook of South Asian languages and linguistics 2005 (2005), p. 11-43
578   Chapter: Bukara-syndrome
R.E. de Jong in: Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics (2005), p. 320-322
579   Book editorial: A companion in linguistics. A festschrift for Anders Ahlqvist on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday
C. Hamans, B. Smelik, R. Hofman, D. Cram (2005)
580   Chapter: Do loanwords have sex?
W. Awedyk, J. Fisiak, C. Hamans in: A companion in linguistics. A Festschrift for Anders Ahlqvist on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday (2005), p. 296-309