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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2009

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531   Report: The impact of computer use on wages in a developing country: evidence from Ecuador
H. Oosterbeek, J. Ponce (2009), p. 13
532  download 166825 Report: The deductible in health insurance: do the insured make a choice based on the arguments as intended by the policy makers?
H. van Ophem, P. Berkhout (2009), p. 38
533  download 227492 Report: The frequency of visiting a doctor: is the decision to go independent of the frequency?
H. van Ophem (2009), p. 22
534   Chapter: Allocating outsourced warranty service contracts
M. Opp, I. Adan, V.G. Kulkarni, J.M. Swaminathan in: Outsourcing, teamwork and business management (2009), p. 213-234
535  download 346123 Chapter: Collective generative capacity: The seed of IT-induced collective action and mass innovation
W. van Osch, M. Avital in: Proceedings of the 8th JAIS Theory Development Workshop, Phoenix, AZ (2009)
536  download 346124 Chapter: Idea work: A pragmatic perspective on action-based creativity and innovation in everyday work
W. van Osch, M. Avital in: Proceedings of SIGPrag Workshop, Phoenix, AZ (2009)
537   Chapter: Strategic HRM: a critical review
J. Paauwe, C. Boon in: Human resource management: a critical approach (2009), p. 38-54
538   Article: Mass torts e responsabilità per danno ambientale: una analisi economica
F. Parisi, G. Dari-Mattiacci in: Danno e responsabilità: problemi di responsabilità civile e assicurazioni, Vol. 14 (2009), p. 131-144
539   Article: IFRS adoption and implementation in companies: utopia or reality?
C. Pater, G. Georgakopoulos, I. Sotiropoulos, E. Galanou in: Archives of Economic History, Vol. 21 (2009), p. 147-180
540   Article: La neuroéconomie dans l'agenda de l'économie comportementale
B. Pelloux, J.-L. Rullière, F. van Winden in: Revue Française d'Économie, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 3-36