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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2009

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331  download 182441 Chapter: Project innovation through exploration and exploitation: requirements practice in large-scale IS development environments
S. Hansen, K. Lyytinen, M. Avital in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) (2009), p. 1-18
332   Article: Le marché du capital-risque en Wallonie: une nouvelle initiative est-elle nécessaire?
Y. de Harlez, A. Schwienbacher, C. Van Wymeersch in: Financiëel Forum. Bank- en Financiewezen (2009), p. 266-269
333   Report: A risk augmented mincer earnings equation? Taking stock
J. Hartog (2009), p. 65
334   Article: Ethnic segregation in The Netherlands: an analysis at neighbourhood level
J. Hartog, A. Zorlu in: International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 30 (2009), p. 15-25
335   Article: How important is homeland education for refugees' economic position in the Netherlands?
J. Hartog, A. Zorlu in: Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 22 (2009), p. 219-246
336   Article: Lenen & sparen
J. Hartog in: AElementair, Vol. 8 (2009), p. 17-22
337   Article: De sociale kant van projectleiderschap
L. Havermans, D. den Hartog, A. Keegan in: Projectie, Vol. 16 (2009), p. 4
338   Dissertation: Expectation formation in dynamic market experiments
P. Heemeijer (2009), p. 298
339  download 339732 Report: Inflation expectations and stability in an overlapping generations experiment with money creation
P. Heemeijer, C. Hommes, J. Sonnemans, J. Tuinstra (2009), p. 65
340   Article: Price stability and volatility in markets with positive and negative expectations feedback: an experimental investigation
P. Heemeijer, C. Hommes, J. Sonnemans, J. Tuinstra in: Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, Vol. 33 (2009), p. 1052-1072