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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2008

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21   Chapter: Evolutionary switching between forecasting heuristics: an explanation of an asset pricing experiment
M. Anufriev, C. Hommes in: Complexity and Artificial Markets (2008), p. 41-53-
22   Article: Wealth-driven competition in a speculative financial market: examples with maximizing agents
M. Anufriev in: Quantitative Finance, Vol. 8 (2008), p. 363-380
23  download 144395 Chapter: Determinanten van bedrijfsinterne handel: Een analyse van Nederland’s grootste niet-financiële ondernemingen
K. Arentsen, F. Fortanier in: Internationaliseringsmonitor 2008 (2008), p. 31-42
24   Report: Public initiatives to support entrepreneurs: Credit guarantees versus co-funding
S. Arping, G. Lóránth, A.D. Morrison (2008), p. 27
25  download 130376 Article: Sunk costs, entry deterrence, and financial constraints
S. Arping, K.M. Diaw in: International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 26 (2008), p. 490-501
26   Report: Learning in a credit economy
T. Assenza, M. Berardi (2008), p. 18
27  download 130573 Article: Satisfaction with web-based training in an integrated healthcare delivery network: Do age, education, computer skills and attitudes matter?
A. Atreja, N.B. Mehta, A.J. Jain, C.M. Harris, H. Ishwaran, M.L. Avital, A.J. Fishleder in: BMC Medical Education, Vol. 8 (2008), p. 48-
28  download 143999 Chapter: Design with a positive lens
M. Avital in: Proceedings of the Positive Design conference (2008), p. 1-2
29   Chapter: Open access publishing and the future of information systems research
M. Avital, B.-C. Bjork, R.J. Boland, K. Crowston, A. Majchrzak in: ICIS 2008 Proceedings (2008), p. 1-7
30   Article: An economic perspective on vertical restraints
B. Baarsma in: Merkourios : Utrecht Journal of International and European Law, Vol. 24 (2008), p. 26-33