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Publication list

ACTA - 2007

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151   Report: NWO-STW Progress report. Resorbable PLDLA (poly-L, D-lactic acid) cages filled with a stem cell loaded calcium phosphate carrier for spinal fusion, (STW Project No. VPG.5935). Research report for: STW
J. Klein Nulend (2007)
152   Article: Op weg naar een onderzoek naar de mechanogevoeligheid van botcellen in de ruimte
J. Klein Nulend, R.G. Bacabac, J.J.W.A. van Loon in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Calcium- en Botstofwisseling, Vol. 5 (2007), p. 66-70
153   Report: Yearly Report 2005. Mechanosensing and chemical signalling in single osteocytes. Research report for NWO-FOM project number FOM V 12
J. Klein Nulend (2007)
154   Article: Osteocytes: mechanosensors of bone and orchestrators of mechanical adaptation
J. Klein-Nulend, A.D. Bakker in: Clinical Reviews in Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Vol. 5 (2007), p. 195-209
155   Article: Influence of thermal expansion mismatch and fatigue loading on phase changes in porcelain veneered Y-TZP zirconia discs
M.A. de Kler, N. de Jager, M. Meegdes, J.M. van der Zel in: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, Vol. 34 (2007), p. 841-847
156   Report: Flexural strength and E-module of three luting cements SAC-A, Maxcem and RelyX Unicem. Research report for Kuraray
C.J. Kleverlaan (2007)
157   Report: Microtensile bond strength of various bonding systems to human dentin and enamel. Research report for 3M Nederland B.V.
C.J. Kleverlaan, A.J. de Gee (2007)
158   Report: The effect of G-Coat Plus on the wear of glass ionomer cements. Research report for GC
C.J. Kleverlaan, A. Werner, A.J. de Gee (2007)
159   Report: The strength lava FPDs. Research report for 3M Nederland B.V.
C.J. Kleverlaan (2007)
160   Article: A-B-C van de calcium- en botstofwisseling, C, Collageen
M. Knippenberg, R.A. Bank, J. Klein Nulend in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Calcium- en Botstofwisseling, Vol. 5 (2007), p. 71-