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ACTA - 2003

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281   Chapter: Genetic and microbiological aspects of destructive periodontal disease
A.J. van Winkelhoff, M.L. Laine, A.S. Pena in: Periodontal tissue destruction and remodelling 2003 (2003), p. 1-10
282   Article: Microbial diagnosis in periodontics
A.J. van Winkelhoff in: REAL CLIN, Vol. 14 (2003), p. 267-277
283   Article: Microbiology in diagnosis and treatment planning in periodontics
A.J. van Winkelhoff in: International Journal of Dental Hygiene, Vol. 1 (2003), p. 131-137
284   Article: Paropathogene bacterien
A.J. van Winkelhoff in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Mondhygiene, Vol. 8 (2003), p. 25-27
285   Article: Fluid movement along the coronal two-thirds of root fillings placed by three different gutta-percha techniques
M.K. Wu, L.W.M. van der Sluis, C.N. Ardila Salazar, P.R. Wesselink in: International endodontic journal, Vol. 36 (2003), p. 533-540
286   Article: The capability of two hand instrumentation techniques to remove the inner layer of dentine in oval canals
M.K. Wu, L.W.M. van der Sluis, P.R. Wesselink in: International endodontic journal, Vol. 36 (2003), p. 218-224
287   Article: The effect of using an inverted master cone in a lateral compaction technique on the density of the gutta-percha fill
M.K. Wu, S.D. de Groot, L.W.M. van der Sluis, P.R. Wesselink in: Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology and endodontics, Vol. 96 (2003), p. 345-350
288   Article: Scanner - Wo liegen die Grenzen?
J.M. van der Zel in: J MULTIDIS COLL PROSTH, Vol. 6 (2003), p. 365-378
289   Article: The fate of monocortical bone blocks grafted in the human maxilla: a histological and histomorphometric study
I.R. Zerbo, D. Zijderveld, A. de Boer, A.L.J.J. Bronckers, G.L. de Lange in: Clinical Oral Implants Research, Vol. 14 (2003), p. 759-766
290   Article: Tooth eruption, root development and cementum formation in the Runx2/Cbfa1 heterozygous mouse
S.J. Zou, R.N. D'Souza, T. Ahlberg, A.L.J.J. Bronckers in: Archives of Oral Biology, Vol. 48 (2003), p. 673-677