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Publication list

ACTA - 2002

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61   Article: Radiographic evaluation of cases referred for surgical endodontics
H. Doornbusch, L. Broersma, G. Boering, P.R. Wesselink in: International Endodontic Journal, Vol. 35 (2002), p. 472-477
62   Article: Action potentials and twitch forces of rabbit masseter motor units at optimum jaw angle
T.M.G.J. van Eijden, S.J.J. Turkawski in: Archives of Oral Biology, Vol. 47 (2002), p. 607-612
63   Article: Passive force characteristics of an architecturally complex muscle
T.M.G.J. van Eijden, S.J.J. Turkawski, L.J. van Ruijven, P. Brugman in: Journal of Biomechanics, Vol. 35 (2002), p. 1183-1189
64   Article: Shoulder function and patient well-being after various types of neck dissections
F. El Ghani, M.W.M. van den Brekel, C.J.T. de Goede, J. Kuik, C.R. Leemans, L.E. Smeele in: Clinical Otolaryngology and Allied Sciences, Vol. 27 (2002), p. 403-408
65   Report: Micro tensile bond strength of Bistite II DC, M-Bond, Panavia F and Super Bond C&B to human dentin and enamel
A. El-Zohairy, A.J. de Gee, J.A. Rezende (2002)
66   Article: The virucidal spectrum of a high concentration alcohol mixture
F.A.C. van Engelenburg, F.G. Terpstra, H. Schuitemaker, W.R. Moorer in: Journal of Hospital Infection, Vol. 51 (2002), p. 121-125
67   Chapter: Parodontale ontstekingen: weefselafbraak
V. Everts, W. Beertsen in: Handboek Parodontologie (2002), p. 1-17
68   Article: The bone lining cell: its role in cleaning Howship's lacunae and initiating bone formation
V. Everts, J.M. Delaisse, W. Korper, P. Saftig, W. Beertsen in: Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Vol. 17 (2002), p. 77-90
69   Report: pH-cycling: testing of chlorhexidine and fluoride containing mouthrinses
R.A.M. Exterkate, J.M. ten Cate (2002)
70   Report: pH-cycling: testing of chlorhexidine and fluoride containing mouthrinses applied after toothpaste treatment
R.A.M. Exterkate, J.M. ten Cate (2002)