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AuthorsJ. Hoogstraten, H.C.M. Vorst
TitleSome further notes on the forced-choice leadership attitude scale.
FacultyFaculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Institute/dept.FMG: Psychology Research Institute
KeywordsChoice-Behavior; Leadership; Collective behavior; Measurement; Needs
AbstractThe Conceptions of Leadership Scale (LOS) consists of 19 2-choice items and the responses are in terms of a forced-choice technique. 14 individual items refer to the subscale (T) that indicates behavior in which the leader organizes and defines the activities of the group, 11 individual items refer to the subscale (IP) that indicates the concept of prominence as the objective of leadership, and the remaining items refer to the subscale (SE) that indicates concern for the needs of the group in terms of "hard" vs. "soft" leadership. The LOS was administered to 282 psychology students, 87 law students, and 107 foreign affairs students. About 1/2 of the Ss indicated their concepts of leadership under normal circumstances and the remainder in terms of crisis leadership. Only the subscale SE showed acceptable reliability r's for each group. The differences between the scores of the groups who responded in terms of crisis versus normal leadership were not significant. No indications of construct validity for any of the 3 subscales were evident.
Document typeArticle
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