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AuthorM. Levelt
TitleGlobal trade & the Dutch hub: understanding variegated forms of embeddedness of international trade in the Netherlands: clothing, flowers, and high-tech products
PromotorW.G.M. Salet
Co-promotorP.J.F. Terhorst
PublisherUitgeverij BOXPress
FacultyFaculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Institute/dept.FMG: Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)
Keywordsglobal value chains
AbstractAs global trade increases, some regions have become specialized in international trade and logistics, forming hubs to larger market areas. Although a lot is known about international trade in quantitative terms, much less is known about actual trade activities taking place in trade hubs and the ways these activities are geographically embedded.
This study investigates the characteristics and specificities of the Dutch trade hub. It can be read as a case study of the Netherlands and of the trade and distribution of cut-flowers, clothing, and high-tech products through this country. It can also be read as a study of trade itself and an attempt to theorize on the ways in which it is organized and becomes geographically attached to certain places.
'Global trade & the Dutch hub' introduces three ideal types of trade nodes – the trade-network node, the distribution node, and the marketplace node. With the help of these three nodes, academics and (economic) policy makers interested in the geography of international trade will gain a better understanding of the variegated forms of embedding of trade and the forces acting upon it. This book makes us aware of the many, but sometimes also restricted, ways in which policies can stimulate international trade as an economic activity.
Document typeDissertation
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