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AuthorsP.C.M. Molenaar, M.E.J. Raijmakers
TitleA causal interpretation of Piaget's theory of cognitive development: reflections on the relationship between epigenesis and nonlinear dynamics.
JournalNew Ideas in Psychology
FacultyFaculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Institute/dept.FMG: Psychology Research Institute
KeywordsCognitve development; Neural networks; Jean Piaget; Theoretical interpretation
AbstractIt is shown that the Piagetian model of stagewise cognitive development can be assigned a powerful causal interpretation in terms of self-organizing epigenetic processes. A detailed heuristic explanation is given of self-organizing epigenetics. In addition, the relationships between self-organizing epigenetics on the one hand, and traditional genetical and environmental accounts of cognitive development on the other hand, are scrutinized. Special emphasis is given to fundamental limitations of causal accounts of cognitive development in terms of the now popular artificial neural networks. To further study these limitations, a paradigm based on Kant's transcendental psychology is proposed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)
Document typeArticle
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