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 Article: Threshold dynamics of L2,3M4,5M4,5 Auger satellites in 4d metals
W. Drube, T.M. Grehk, R. Treusch, G. Materlik, J.E. Hansen, T. Aberg in: Physical Review B
 Article: Superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric YPtBi under pressure.
T.V. Bay, T. Naka, Y.K. Huang, A. de Visser in: Physical Review B, Vol. 86 (2012), p. 064155-
 Article: Self-trapped exciton state in Si nanocrystals revealed by induced absorption
W.D.A.M. de Boer, D. Timmerman, T. Gregorkiewicz, H. Zhang, W.J. Buma, A. N. Poddubny, A.A. Prokofiev, I.N. Yassievich in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 5
 Article: Quench dynamics in randomly generated extended quantum models
G.P. Brandino, A. de Luca, R.M. Konik, G. Mussardo in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 214435-
 Article: Complex charge ordering in CeRuSn
R. Feyerherm, E. Dudzik, S. Valencia, J.A. Mydosh, Y.K. Huang, W. Hermes, R. Pöttgen in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 085120-
download 450448 Article: Transferable basis sets of numerical atomic orbitals
M.J. Louwerse, G. Rothenberg in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 8
 Article: Realization of the one-dimensional anisotropic XY model in a Tb(III)-W(V) chain compound
E. Pasca, T. Roscilde, M. Evangelisti, E. Burzurí, F. Luis, L.J. de Jongh, S. Tanase in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 184434-
 Article: Detection of symmetry-rotected topological phases in one dimension
F. Pollmann, A.M. Turner in: Physical Review B, Vol. 86 (2012), p. 125441-
download 499901 Article: Symmetry protection of topological phases in one-dimensional quantum spin systems
F. Pollmann, E. Berg, A.M. Turner, M. Oshikawa in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 075125-
10   Article: Exact prefactors in static and dynamic correlation functions of one-dimensional quantum integrable models: applications to the Calogore-Sutherland, Lieb-Liniger, and XXZ models
A. Shashi, M. Panfil, J.-S. Caux, A. Imambekov in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 155136-