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11   Article: HIV-1 infection and cognitive impairment in the cART era: a review
J. Schouten, P. Cinque, M. Gisslen, P. Reiss, P. Portegies in: AIDS, Vol. 25 (2011), p. 561-575
12   Article: Factors associated with specific causes of death amongst HIV-positive individuals in the D:A:D study (vol 24, pg 1537, 2010): erratum
C.J. Smith, C.A. Sabin, J.D. Lundgren, R. Thiebaut, R. Weber, M. Law, A. d' Arminio Monforte, O. Kirk, N. Friis-Moller, A. Phillips, P. Reiss, W. El Sadr, C. Pradier, S.W. Worm in: AIDS, Vol. 25 (2011), p. 883-
13   Article: Boosted protease inhibitors and the electrocardiographic measures of QT and PR durations
E.Z. Soliman, J.D. Lundgren, M.P. Roediger, D.A. Duprez, Z. Temesgen, M. Bickel, J.C. Shlay, C. Somboonwit, P. Reiss, J.H. Stein, J.D. Neaton in: AIDS, Vol. 25 (2011), p. 367-377
14   Article: Transmission networks of HIV-1 among men having sex with men in the Netherlands
D. Bezemer, A. Sighem, V.V. Lukashov, L. van der Hoek, N. Back, R. Schuurman, C.A.B. Boucher, E.C.J. Claas, M.C. Boerlijst, R.A. Coutinho, F. de Wolf in: AIDS, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 271-282
15   Article: Erythropoiesis in HIV-infected and uninfected Malawian children with severe anemia
J.C.J. Calis, K.S. Phiri, R.J.W.M. Vet, R.J. de Haan, F. Munthali, R.J. Kraaijenhagen, P.J.M. Hulshof, M.E. Molyneux, B.J. Brabin, M. Boele van Hensbroek, I. Bates in: AIDS, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 2883-2887
16   Article: High prevalence of reduced bone mineral density in primary HIV-1-infected men
M.L. Grijsen, S.M. Vrouenraets, R. Steingrover, P. Lips, P. Reiss, F.W. Wit, J.M. Prins in: AIDS, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 2233-2238
17   Article: Treatment of sexually transmitted infections for HIV prevention: end of the road or new beginning?
R. Hayes, D. Watson-Jones, C. Celum, J. van de Wijgert, J. Wasserheit in: AIDS, Vol. 24 (2010), p. S15-S26
18   Article: HIV RNA levels in transmission sources only weakly predict plasma viral load in recipients
A.C. van der Kuyl, S. Jurriaans, G. Pollakis, M. Bakker, M Cornelissen in: AIDS, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 1607-1608
19   Article: Acute hepatitis C in HIV-infected men who have sex with men: an emerging sexually transmitted infection
T.J. van de Laar, G.V. Matthews, M. Prins, M. Danta in: AIDS, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 1799-1812
20   Article: Lower atovaquone/proguanil concentrations in patients taking efavirenz, lopinavir/ritonavir or atazanavir/ritonavir
M. van Luin, M.E. van der Ende, C.J.J. Richter, M. Visser, D. Faraj, A. van der Ven, L. Gelinck, F. Kroon, F.W. Wit, R.H. van Schaik, P.F. Kuks, D.M. Burger in: AIDS, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 1223-1226