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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2009

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 Report: Early elements of the corporate form: depersonalization of business in ancient Rome
B. Abatino, G. Dari-Mattiacci, E. Perotti (2009)
download 178688 Report: Climate change and energy security in Europe: policy integration and its limits
C. Adelle, M. Pallemaerts, J. Chiavari (2009), p. 73
 Chapter: The domestic regulation of transnational labour markets: EU enlargement and the politicsof labour migration in Switzerland and Ireland
A. Afonso in: The transnationalization of economies, states, and civil societies: new challenges for governance in Europe (2009), p. 83-106
 Report: Transparency and public participation in WTO dispute settlement
C. Ahlborn, J.H. Pfitzer (2009), p. 54
download 178039 Report: Toegang tot telecom: onderzoek naar de invulling van het nieuwe Europese kader voor de toegankelijkheid van telecommunicatiediensten voor gehandicapten
I. Akker, N. van Eijk, K. Janssen, J. Poort (2009), p. vi, 79
 Chapter: Immunity, Diplomatic
R. van Alebeek in: Max Planck encyclopedia of public international law (2009), p. 12
 Report: Protection of purchasers in the case of cross-border purchasers of real property in the European Union: final report
C. Amato, M.P. Chauviré, A. Lazari, R. Lorentz, V. Iacometti, M.C. James, P.J. O'Malley, C. Mak, Y. Munukka, M.M. Veloso, B. Dukay, C. Perfumi, A. Smaliukas, B. Tomankakova, H.F. Marthinussen, J. Juul-Sandberg, J. Szczerbowski (2009), p. L, 244
download 188259 Report: Creative Commons and related rights in sound recordings: are the two systems compatible?
C. Angelopoulos (2009), p. iii, 44
download 188260 Article: Filtering the internet for copyrighted content in Europe
C. Angelopoulos in: IRIS plus, Vol. 2009 (2009), p. 2-12
10  download 173135 Article: Hart et le positivisme postmoderne en droit international
J. d' Aspremont in: Revue Générale de Droit International Public, Vol. 113 (2009), p. 635-654