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Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2009

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 Chapter: 'In the name of globalisation': southern and northern paradigms of educational development
X. Bonal, X. Rambla in: Globalisation and europeanisation in education (2009), p. 143-157
 Chapter: Global civil society and human rights
M. Glasius in: Human rights: politics and practice (2009), p. 147-163
download 529610 Report: Innovative approaches in European sustainable consumption policies: assessing the potential of various instruments for sustainable consumption practises and greening of the market (ASCEE)
F. Rubik, G. Scholl, K. Biedenkopf, H. Kalimo, F. Mohaupt, Ó. Söebech, E. Stø, P. Strandbakken, B. Turnheim (2009), p. 175
 Report: The ICTWSS database: Database on Institutional Characteristics of Trade Unions, Wage Setting, State Intervention and Social Pacts in 34 countries between 1960 and 2007
J. Visser (2009), p. 17
 Chapter: La légitimation de l'Union Européenne à travers la société civile: appropriation ou détournement?
R. Sanchez Salgado in: L'Europe sous tensions: appropriation et contestation de l'intégration européenne (2009), p. 39-60
download 344540 Report: Housing and segregation of migrants - Case study: Terrassa, Spain
A. van Heelsum (2009), p. 37
download 128473 Dissertation: Lees- en spellingvaardigheden van brugklassers
G.M. Schijf (2009), p. VIII, 352
download 128611 Dissertation: "Three views of a secret": Containment of industrial conflict in neo-liberal environments
R.G. Kocer (2009), p. X, 313
download 126739 Dissertation: Trade unions and the work-family balance
K.P.A.B. Schreuder (2009), p. x, 186
10  download 125873 Dissertation: Working gendered boundaries : temporary migration experiences of Bangladeshi women in the Malaysian export industry from a multi-sited perspective
A.M. Rudnick (2009), p. 316