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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2008

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download 104174 Dissertation: Categorical time series in psychological measurement
P.W. van Rijn (2008), p. iii, 127
download 104412 Dissertation: Wijkgezondheidswerk: een studie naar 25 jaar wijkgericht werken aan gezondheid in Den Bosch-Oost
M.J.H. Paes (2008), p. 357
download 106617 Dissertation: Multi - girl - culture : an etnography of doing identity
L. Duits (2008), p. 288
download 107465 Dissertation: To cooperate or not to cooperate...? : collective action for rehabilitation of traditional water tunnel systems (qanats) in Syria
J.I. Wessels (2008), p. 381
download 114179 Article: Same-sex attraction, social relationships, psychosocial functioning, and schoolperformance in young adolescents.
H.M.W. Bos, T.G.M. Sandfort, E.H. de Bruyn, E.M. Hakvoort in: Developmental Psychology, Vol. 44 (2008), p. 59-68
download 110227 Article: Children’s attachment relationships with daycare caregivers: Associations with positive caregiving and the child’s temperament.
J.C. Schipper, de, L.W.C. Tavecchio, M.H. IJzendoorn, van in: Social Development, Vol. 17 (2008), p. 454-470
download 110228 Article: Cultural diversity in center-based child care: Childrearing beliefs of professional caregivers from different cultural communities in the Netherlands.
S.K. Huijbregts, P.P.M Leseman, L.W.C. Tavecchio in: Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Vol. 23 (2008), p. 233-244
download 110249 Dissertation: Modeling Category Learning
P.M.A. Rodrigues (2008), p. 128
 Chapter: Resilient Liberalism in a Small European State
J.W. de Beus in: The Dividing Line between Success and Failure, A comparison of liberalism in the Netherlands and Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries (2008), p. 75-98-
10   Article: Contact tussen grootouders en kleinkinderen na echtscheiding.
L.W.C. Tavecchio in: Kind en Adolescent Review, Vol. 15 (2008), p. 101-103