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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 2013

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 Chapter: Saramaccan
E.O. Aboh, N.S.H. Smith, T. Veenstra in: The survey of pidgin and creole languages. - Vol. 1: English-based and Dutch-based languages (2013), p. 27-38
download 486746 Dissertation: Dis-continuities: The role of religious motifs in contemporary art
A. Alexandrova (2013), p. 293
 Chapter: Strategic manoeuvring in a political interview: the case of responding to an accusation of inconsistency
C. Andone in: The pragmatics of political discourse: explorations across cultures (2013), p. 103-124
download 467329 Dissertation: The problem of disenchantment: scientific naturalism and esoteric discourse, 1900-1939
E. Asprem (2013), p. v, 625
 Book review: 'Peter wilde met Paul gaan tennissen', maar wie was ziek?
J. Audring in: Internationale Neerlandistiek, Vol. 51 (2013), p. 85-89 , Ambiguous pronoun resolution in L1 and L2 German and Dutch
 Article: A Pronominal View of Gender Agreement
J. Audring in: Language Sciences, Vol. 35 (2013), p. 32-46
 Article: Moederschap en materialiteit: Diane, Stephen, Liam en Joel Blood
M. Aydemir in: Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, Vol. 16 (2013), p. 7-19
 Chapter: Small Places: Global Nativism in Jamaica Kincaid's 'A Small Place' (1988)
M. Aydemir in: The ideologies of lived space in literary texts, ancient and modern (2013), p. 221-228
 Chapter: Homecoming at Witching Hour: The Securitization of the European Roma and the Reclaiming of their Citizenship
H. van Baar in: We Roma: a critical reader in contemporary art (2013), p. 50-73
10   Book editorial: Taal en taalwetenschap. - 2e ed.
A.E. Baker, J. Don, K. Hengeveld (2013), p. xiv, 329