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Faculty of Humanities - 2002

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download 65414 Dissertation: Schwarze Orchideen und andere blaue Blumen. Reformsozialismus und literatur in der DDR
Y. Delhey-Dauterstedt (2002), p. 178
 Article: Memory-based models of melodic analysis: challenging the gestalt principles
L.W.M. Bod in: Journal of New Music Research, Vol. 31 (2002), p. 27-37
 Book editorial: Die verbazingwekkende Verenigde Staten. Van Nieuw-Amsterdam tot wereldmacht
T. Deary, J.A. Jacobs (2002), p. 192
 Article: Boissard, Clusius, De Bry and the making of `Antiquitates Romanae`
M. van Groesen in: LIAS. Sources and Documents relating to the Early History of Ideas, Vol. 29 (2002), p. 193-211
 Chapter: Herman van den Berghs expressionistische gedichten in
K.D. Beekman in: Avantgarde! Voorhoede? Vernieuwingsbewegingen in (2002), p. 181-190
 Book: Ciudadania y Globalizacion: Europa frente a Norteamerica
R. Kroes (2002), 285 p.
 Chapter: American Empire and Cultural Imperialism: A View from the Receivinf End
R. Kroes in: Rethinking American History in a Global Age (2002), p. 295-315
 Book review: --
R. Kroes in: Journal of American History, Vol. 89 (2002), p. 219-221, Le Reve californien: Migrants francais sur la cote Pacificque, XVIIIe-Xxe siecles
 Chapter: The unreasonableness of the ad baculum fallacy
F.H. van Eemeren, B.J. Garssen, B. Meuffels in: Proceedings of the 12th Alta Conference on Argumentation (2002)
10   Article: Discourse, Ideology and Context
T.A. van Dijk in: Folia Linguistica, Vol. 35 (2002), p. 11-40