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Hogeschool van Amsterdam - 2003

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 Artikel: Dutch physiotherapy guidelines for back pain
R.W.J.G. Ostelo, G.E. Bekkering, H.J.M. Hendriks, B.W. Koes, R.A.B. Oostendorp, J. Thomassen, M.W. van Tulder in: Physiotherapy, Vol. 89 (2003), p. 82-96
 Artikel: Effectiveness of behavioral graded activity after first-time lumbar disc surgery: short-term results of a randomised controlled trial
R.W.J.G. Ostelo, H.C.W. de Vet, M.W. Berfelo, M.R. Kerckhoffs, J.W.S. Vlaeyen, P.M.J.C. Wolters, P.A. van den Brandt in: European spine journal, Vol. 12 (2003), p. 637-644
 Artikel: Health care provider's attitude and beliefs towards chronic low back pain : the development of a questionnaire
R.W.J.G. Ostelo, S.G.M. Stomp-van den Berg, J.W.S. Vlaeyen, P.M.J.C. Wolters, H.C.W. de Vet in: Manual therapy, Vol. 8 (2003), p. 214-222
 Artikel: Rehabilitation following first-time lumbar disc surgery : a systematic review within the framework of the Cochrane collaboration
R.W.J.G. Ostelo, H.C.W. de Vet, G. Waddell, M.R. Kerckhoffs, P. Leffers, M. van Tulder in: Spine, Vol. 28 (2003), p. 209-218