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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2002

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 Hoofdstuk: Potential consequences of overreduction of the cytoplasm in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803
H.C.P. Matthijs, I. Ardelean, N. Yeremenko, E. Garcia Mendoza, D. Menzel, J. Balke, F. Joset, J.J. Thor van, R. Jeanjean in: Proceedings XII th Int. Congress on Photosynthesis (2002), p. 29-34
 Hoofdstuk: Species diversity, functional diversity, and ecosystem functioning
D.U. Hooper, M. Solan, A. Symstad, N. Gessner, V. Buchmann, P. Degrange, P Grime, F. Hulot, F. Mermillod-Blondin, J. Roy, E. Spehn, L. van Peer in: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning. Synthesis and Perspectives (2002), p. 195-208
 Hoofdstuk: contribution of aquatic model systems to our understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
O.L. Petchey, P.J. Morin, F. Hulot, M. Loreau, J. McGrady-Steed, S. Naeem in: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning. Synthesis and Perspectives (2002), p. 127-138
 Hoofdstuk: Environmentally sensitive areas in the MEDALUS target area study cits
A.C. Imeson, L.H. Cammeraat in: Mediterranean desertification: a mosaic of processes and responses (2002), p. 177-186
 Artikel: Direct comparison of the electrocatalytic oxidation of hydrogen by an enzyme and a platinum catalyst
A.K. Jones, E Sillery, S.P.J. Albracht, F.A. Armstrong in: Chemical Communications, Vol. 2002 (2002), p. 866-867
 Artikel: Selective interactions between vertebrate Polycomb homologs and the SUV39H1 HMTase suggest histone H3-K9 methylation to contribute to chromosomal targeting of Polycomb-group proteins.
R.G.A.B. Sewalt, M Lachner, M Vargas, C.M. Hamer, M Melcher, T Jenuwein, A.P. Otte in: Molecular and Cellular Biology, Vol. 22 (2002), p. 5539-5553
 Artikel: A Panel of Monoclonal Antibodies against Human Polycomb Group Proteins.
C.M. Hamer, R.G.A.B. Sewalt, J.L. den Blaauwen, M Hendrix, D.P.E. Satijn, A.P. Otte in: Hybridoma and Hybridomics, Vol. 21 (2002), p. 245-252
 Artikel: Mitotically Stable Association of Polycomb Proteins eed and Enx-1 with the Inactive X Chromosome in Trophectoderm Stem Cells
W Mak, J Baxter, J Silva, A Newall, A.P. Otte, N Brockdorff in: Current Biology, Vol. 12 (2002), p. 1016-1020
 Artikel: Physiological actions of preservative agents: prospective of use of modern microbiological techniques in assessing microbial behaviour in food preservation.
S. Brul, P. Coote, S.J.C.M. Oomes, F.I.C. Mensonides, K.J. Hellingwerf, F.M. Klis in: International Journal of Food Microbiology, Vol. 79 (2002), p. 55-64
10   Artikel: The mitochondrial PHB complex: roles in mitochondrial respiratory complex assembly, ageing and degenerative disease.
L.G.J. Nijtmans, M. Artal Sanz, L.A. Grivell, P.J. Coates in: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, Vol. 59 (2002), p. 143-155