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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2009

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download 344540 Rapport: Housing and segregation of migrants - Case study: Terrassa, Spain
A. van Heelsum (2009), p. 37
download 128473 Proefschrift: Lees- en spellingvaardigheden van brugklassers
G.M. Schijf (2009), p. VIII, 352
download 128611 Proefschrift: "Three views of a secret": Containment of industrial conflict in neo-liberal environments
R.G. Kocer (2009), p. X, 313
download 126739 Proefschrift: Trade unions and the work-family balance
K.P.A.B. Schreuder (2009), p. x, 186
download 125873 Proefschrift: Working gendered boundaries : temporary migration experiences of Bangladeshi women in the Malaysian export industry from a multi-sited perspective
A.M. Rudnick (2009), p. 316
 Artikel: A review of similarities between domain-specific determinants of four health behaviors among adolescents
L.W.H. Peters, C.H. Wiefferink, F. Hoekstra, G.J. Buijs, G.T.M. ten Dam, T.G.W.M. Paulussen in: Health Education Research, Vol. 24 (2009), p. 198-223
 Artikel: Caffeine does not modulate inhibitory control
Z. Tieges, J. Snel, A. Kok, K.R. Ridderinkhof in: Brain and Cognition, Vol. 69 (2009), p. 316-327
download 124768 Proefschrift: Out of place? Emotional ties to the neighbourhood in urban renewal in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
P.F. van der Graaf (2009), p. XV, 313
download 128655 Hoofdstuk: Social phobia: Moving to DSM-V
S. Bögels, M. Stein in: Stress-induced and fear circuitry disorders: Advancing the research agenda for DSM-V (2009), p. 65-83
10  download 135243 Proefschrift: Food safety : a matter of taste? Food safety policy in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and at the level of the European Union
K.T. Paul (2009), p. X, 389