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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2003

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 Artikel: Can unequal residual variances across groups mask differences in residual means in the common factor model?
C.V. Dolan, G.H. Lubk in: Structural Equation Modeling, Vol. 10 (2003), p. 175-192
 Artikel: A computational study into the evolution of dual-route dynamics for affective processing.
P. den Dulk, R.H. Phaf, B.T. Heerebout in: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Vol. 15 (2003), p. 194-208
 Artikel: Age, intelligence, and event-related brain potentials during late childhood: A longitudinal study.
P.C.M. Molenaar, M.W. Molen, J.E.A. Stauder in: Intelligence, Vol. 31 (2003), p. 257-274
 Artikel: Sensitivity to interference and response contingencies in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
E.A.M. Crone, M.W. Molen, J.R. Jennings in: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, Vol. 44 (2003), p. 214-226
 Artikel: Horse-race model simulations of the stop-signal procedure
G.D. Logan, M.W. van der Molen, G.P.H. Band in: Acta Psychologica, Vol. 112 (2003), p. 105-142
 Artikel: Word, nonword and visual paired associate learning in Dutch dyslexic children
V.C.S. Messbauer, P.F. de Jong in: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Vol. 84 (2003), p. 77-96
 Artikel: What response times tell of children's behavior on the balance scale task.
H.L.J. van der Maas, B.R.J. Jansen in: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Vol. 85 (2003), p. 141-177
 Artikel: Spacing and repetition effects in human memory: Application of the SAM model.
J.G.W. Raaijmakers in: Cognitive Science, Vol. 27 (2003), p. 431-452
 Artikel: Dutch social democrats and the struggle for parental choice in education (1890-1940)
S. Karsten in: History of Education : the Journal of the History of Education Society, Vol. 32 (2003), p. 417-432
10   Artikel: Cognitive and emotional characteristics of alexithymia: A review of neurobiological studies.
J.K. Larsen, N. Brand, B. Bermond, R. Hijman in: Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Vol. 54 (2003), p. 533-541