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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2009

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 Rapport: Early elements of the corporate form: depersonalization of business in ancient Rome
B. Abatino, G. Dari-Mattiacci, E. Perotti (2009)
 Hoofdstuk: Collusion in growing and shrinking markets: empirical evidence from experimental duopolies
K. Abbink, J. Brandts in: Experiments and competition policy (2009), p. 34-60
 Rapport: Inequality and riots: experimental evidence
K. Abbink, D. Masclet, D. Mirza (2009), p. 28
 Rapport: Pointless vendettas
K. Abbink, B. Herrmann (2009), p. 12
 Rapport: Political autonomy and independence: theory and experimental evidence. - Revised version with new data
K. Abbink, J. Brandts (2009), p. 31
 Rapport: The moral costs of nastiness
K. Abbink, B. Herrmann (2009), p. 5
 Artikel: The pleasure of being nasty
K. Abbink, A. Sadrieh in: Economics Letters, Vol. 105 (2009), p. 306-308
download 177767 Artikel: Conditional ages and residual service times in the M/G/1 queue
I. Adan, M. Haviv in: Stochastic Models, Vol. 25 (2009), p. 110-128
 Artikel: Exact asymptotics for the stationary distribution of a Markov chain: a production model
I. Adan, R.D. Foley, D.R. McDonald in: Queueing Systems, Vol. 62 (2009), p. 311-344
10  download 174096 Artikel: On a generic class of two-node queueing systems
I. Adan, M. Mandjes, W. Scheinhardt, E. Tzenova in: Queueing Systems, Vol. 61 (2009), p. 37-63