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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2007

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download 40774 Dissertation: Biosynthesis of volatile and hormonal terpenes in tomato
C.C.N. van Schie (2007), p. 156
download 44674 Dissertation: Motion in image sequences of living cells
C.B.J. Bergsma (2007), p. 126
download 44851 Dissertation: The polarization of Lambda\0 hyperons in quasi-real photoproduction
M. Demey (2007), p. 144
download 45002 Dissertation: Periodic cyclic homology of affine Hecke algebras
M.S. Solleveld (2007), p. 253
 Chapter: Potential sediment delivery and runoff from abandoned fields in Southeast Spain: control or natural development?
J.P. Lesschen, L.H. Cammeraat in: Abstracts Second International Symposium on Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming (2007), p. 69-70
 Dissertation: Natural attenuation of BTEX in a polluted aquifer. Give bugs a chance!
S. Botton (2007), p. 155
download 45897 Dissertation: Multi-level optimization. Space mapping and manifold mapping
D. Echeverría Ciaurri (2007), p. 140
download 45174 Dissertation: What contributes to the perception of musical phrases in western classical music?
N. Spiro (2007), p. 502
download 45176 Dissertation: Predators and the accessibility of herbivore refuges in plants
N.S. Aratchige (2007), p. 124
10  download 45260 Dissertation: Quasi-real photo-production of hyperons and their impact on lambda polarization measurements
A.J. Reischl (2007), p. viii, 157