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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 2010

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 Article: China slagvaardiger in Centraal-Azië
L. Marácz in: Armex, Vol. 94 (2010), p. 25-
 Article: Rusland versterkt greep op Oekraïne
L. Marácz in: Armex, Vol. 94 (2010), p. 13-
 Article: Verb movement in Germanic and Celtic languages: a flexible approach
O. Koeneman in: Lingua, Vol. 120 (2010), p. 210-231
 Article: Evaluating linguistic distance measure
S. Wichmann, E.W. Holman, D. Bakker, C.H. Brown in: Physica. A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Vol. 389 (2010), p. 3632-3639
download 189632 Chapter: Language policies in Central and Eastern European states with Hungarian minorities: implications for linguistic rights protection of national minorities in the EU
L. Marácz in: Abstracts of the participating papers: [Minority Politics within the Europe of Regions] (2010)
 Article: DP-internal information structure: some introductory remarks
E.O. Aboh, N. Corver, M. Dyakonova, M. van Koppen in: Lingua, Vol. 120 (2010), p. 782-801
 Article: De openbaring: László Marácz herleest 'The geographical pivot of history'
L. Marácz in: Nieuwsbrief Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Vol. 127 (2010), p. 9-
 Article: Antifunctionality in language change
P.A.M. Seuren, C. Hamans in: Folia Linguistica, Vol. 44 (2010), p. 127-162
download 177154 Book review: 
E. van Ree in: Revolutionary Russia, Vol. 23 (2010), p. 140-141 , The "Special" world: Stalin's power apparatus and the Soviet system's secret structures of communication
10   Chapter: Ritual differs: beyond fixity and flexibility in South Indian Hindu ritual
S. Kersenboom in: Ritual matters: dynamic dimensions in practice (2010), p. 311-329