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Faculty of Humanities - 2005

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 Dissertation: De drie van Breda. Duitse oorlogsmisdadigers in Nederlandse gevangenschap, 1945-1989.
H. Piersma (2005), p. 280
download 18267 Chapter: Understanding Content-and-Structure
J. Kamps, M.J. Marx, M. de Rijke, B. Sigurbjornsson in: Proceedings INEX 2005 Workshop on Element Retrieval Methodology (2005), p. 14-21
download 18265 Chapter: Effective Translation, Tokenization and Combination for Cross-Lingual Retrieval
J. Kamps, S. Fissaha Adafre, M. de Rijke in: Multilingual Information Access for Text, Speech and Images: Results of the Fifth CLEF Evaluation Campaign (2005), p. 123-135
download 18263 Chapter: Language Models for Searching in Web Corpora
J. Kamps, G.A. Mishne, M. de Rijke in: The Thirteenth Text Retrieval Conference (TREC 2004) (2005), p. 11
 Article: Theoretical and empirical issues in the study of implicit and explicit second-language learning
J.H. Hulstijn in: Studies in second language acquisition, Vol. 27 (2005), p. 129-140
 Article: Does training of second-language word recognition skills affect reading comprehension? An experimental study
R.G. Fukkink, J.H. Hulstijn, A. Simis in: The modern language journal, Vol. 89 (2005), p. 54-75
 Chapter: Automaticity in second language learning
N. Segalowitz, J.H. Hulstijn in: Handbook of Bilingualism. Psycholinguistic approaches (2005), p. 371-388
 Chapter: Impliciete en expliciete taalverwerving
J.H. Hulstijn in: Gloria Bondi. Liber amicorum voor Bondi Sciarone (2005), p. 89-94
download 15902 Dissertation: Learning second language grammar by listening
C.A.M. de Jong (2005), p. 159
10  download 102299 Dissertation: Soldiers and civil power : supporting or substituting civil authorities in peace operation during the 1990s
T.W. Brocades Zaalberg (2005), p. 522