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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1999

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 Article: De informatie voorziening tussen individu en organisatie
A.W. Abcouwer in: Tijdschrift Management & Informatie, Vol. 3 (1999), p. 39-52
download 2063 Article: Introductie van de sociaal-organisatorische component in het denken over de informatievoorziening
A.W. Abcouwer, E.E. Hijzen in: PrimaVera Working Paper, Vol. 99 (1999)
 Chapter: Chances are you will be working for her: Women and business in the year 2000
R.K. Aidis in: Strategic issues at the dawn of a new millenium (1999), p. 256-275
 Chapter: Moteris ir Verslas
R.K. Aidis in: Feminizmas, Visuomene, Kultura (1999), p. 76-86
 Chapter: Moteru Verslininkui Problemos
R.K. Aidis in: Moterys: Tapatumo Paieskos (1999), p. 58-75
 Chapter: Women and entrepreneurship in Lithuania: Characteristics and significance
R.K. Aidis in: The role of social science in the development of education, business and government entering the 21st century International conference selected papers, Technologiya vol. 1 (1999), p. 225-233
 Article: Learning-by-doing under un-certainty
F. Alvarez Gonzalez, H.M. Amman in: Computational Economics (1999), p. 255-262
 Article: Linear quadratic optimization for models with rational expectations
H.M. Amman, D.A. Kendrick in: Macroeconomic Dynamics (1999), p. 534-543
 Chapter: Matrix methods for solving nonlinear dynamic optimization models
H.M. Amman, D.A. Kendrick in: Innovations in Multivariate Statistical Analysis (1999), p. 257-276
10   Article: Programming languages in economics
H.M. Amman, D.A. Kendrick in: Computational Economics (1999), p. 151-181