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Faculty of Economics and Business - 1988

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download 15165 Article: Local opposition to the construction of a nuclear power station: differential salience of impacts
J.R. Eiser, J. van der Pligt, R. Spears in: Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 25 (1988), p. 654-663
 Article: China's OTC markets.
M.J. Ellman in: Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 30 (1988), p. 59-64
 Article: Regional impacts of new transport infrastructure: a multi-sectoral potentials approach
G.H.M. Evers, P.H. van der Meer, J. Oosterhaven, J.B. Polak in: Transportation, Vol. 14 (1988), p. 113-126
 Report: De Nationale Investeringsbank sinds 1945
P. van Gool (1988)
 Article: An ordered response model for allocation and earnings
J. Hartog in: Kyklos, Vol. 41 (1988), p. 113-141
 Article: Poverty and the measurement of individual welfare: A review article.
J. Hartog in: Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 23 (1988), p. 243-266
 Article: Non-linear regression with discrete explanatory variables, with an application to the earnings function.
J. Hartog, H.J. Bierens in: Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 38 (1988), p. 269-299
 Article: Testing the relevance of job search for job mobility.
J. Hartog, E. Mekkelholt, H. van Ophem in: Economics Letters, Vol. 27 (1988), p. 299-303
 Article: Invloed autokostenvergoedingen op mobiliteit gering
A.I.J.M. van der Hoorn, P. Hansen, D. Ashley, H. van der Kolk, J.D. Poelert in: Verkeerskunde, Vol. 40 (1988), p. 526-529
10  download 15585 Report: Joint prediction of automobile ownership and mileage by a cross-section model
G.C. de Jong, H.P. Boswijk, J.S. Cramer (1988)