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UvA - 2010

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31   Hoofdstuk: Micro history, archaeology and the study of housing culture. Some thoughts on archaeological and historical data from a cesspit in 17th-century Breda
W. Hupperetz in: Exchanging medieval material culture: studies on archaeology and history presented to Frans Verhaeghe (2010), p. 279-284
32   Boekredactie: Traveling spirits: migrants, markets and mobilities
G. Hüwelmeier, K. Krause (2010), p. VI, 218
33  download 204298 Artikel: De bibliotheek op de smartphone: website UB UvA gaat mobiel
L. Koster in: Informatie Professional, Vol. 14 (2010), p. 17-20
34  download 485006 Artikel: Social context influences recognition of bodily expressions
M.E. Kret, B. de Gelder in: Experimental Brain Research, Vol. 203 (2010), p. 169-180
35   Boek: Lancelotcompilatie. - Webeditie
E. Kwant, E. van der Vlist, J. Biemans, H. Brinkman (2010)
36  download 189121 Rapport: Policies and strategies in Leipzig for creative- and knowledge-intensive industries. How to enhance the city's competitiveness
B. Lange, K. Ehrlich, J. Burdack (2010)
37  download 189128 Rapport: Policy development and creative knowledge industries in the Dublin region. How to enhance the city's competitiveness
P. Lawton, D. Redmond, E. Murphy (2010)
38  download 189126 Rapport: Economic policies and strategies in Toulouse. How to enhance the city's competitiveness
H. Martin-Brelot, C. Thouzellier, E. Peyroux, D. Eckert (2010)
39  download 189127 Rapport: Policies and strategies in the Metropolitan Region of Milan. How to enhance the city's competitiveness
E. Mingione, F. Zajczyk, E. dell' Agnese, S. Mugnano, M. d' Ovidio, C. Sedini, L. Parrino (2010)
40  download 189116 Rapport: Conditions for 'Creative Knowledge Cities'. Findings from a comparison between 13 European metropolises. 'Goning creative' – an option for all European cities?
S. Musterd, O. Gritsai (2010)