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UvA - 2009

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81   Artikel: Secular Hebrew poetry in Muslim Spain till 1225: a general overview with the new tendencies, problems...
A. Schippers in: Ibéria judaica, Vol. 1 (2009), p. 119-134
82  download 443772 Artikel: The rise of the individual style in Andalusian Arabic poetry: the case of Ibn Khafâja (1056-1138)
A. Schippers in: Fragmenta. Journal of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, Vol. 3 (2009), p. 71-80
83   Boekbespreking: Journalisten für das digitale Zeitalter: Christian Jakubetz erklärt in seinem Buch "Crossmedia" den modernen Journalismus
P. Schmerheim in:, Vol. 11 (2009) , Crossmedia
84   Hoofdstuk: Of books and people: the Braginsky Collection and book history
E.G.L. Schrijver in: A journey through Jewish Worlds: highlights from the Braginsky Collection of Hebrew manuscripts and printed books (2009), p. 29-33
85  download 359767 Hoofdstuk: The history of a European information society: shifts from governments to governance
J. Shahin, M. Finger in: Advancing e-governance through innovation and leadership (2009), p. 62-83
86  download 363077 Artikel: The voice conveys specific emotions: evidence from vocal burst displays
E.R. Simon-Thomas, D.J. Keltner, D. Sauter, L. Sinicropi-Yao, A. Abramson in: Emotion, Vol. 9 (2009), p. 838-846
87  download 189109 Rapport: Creative Munich? The views of high-skilled employees, managers and transnational migrants
A. von Streit, M. Miosga (2009)
88  download 189078 Rapport: Munich: An attractive place to live and work? The view of transnational migrants
A. von Streit, M. Popp, S. Hafner, G. Heinritz, M. Miosga (2009)
89  download 189110 Rapport: Poznan as a creative knowledge region. The views of high-skilled employees, managers and transnational migrants
T. Stryjakiewicz, M. Meczynski, K. Stachowiak (2009)
90  download 189079 Rapport: The attractiveness of the Poznan metropolitan region for the development of the creative knowledge sector. The view of transnational migrants
T. Strylakiewicz, T. Kaczmarek, B. Lodyga, D. Macrionowicz, M. Meczynski, J.J. Parysek, K. Stachowiak (2009)