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Zoekopdracht: faculteit: "UvA" en publicatiejaar: "2001"

AuteurPieter Moree
TitelChebyshev's bias for composite numbers with restricted prime divisors
Instituut/afd.UvA: Universiteitsbibliotheek
TrefwoordenComparative number theory, constants, primes in progression, multiplicative functions, Chebyshev's bias
SamenvattingLet P(x,d,a) denote the number of primes p<=x with p=a(mod d). Chebyshev's bias is the phenomenon that `more often' P(x;d,n)>P(x;d,r), than the other way around, where n is a quadratic non-residue mod d and r is a quadratic residue mod d. If P(x;d,n)>=P(x;d,r) for every x up to some large number, then one expects that N(x;d,n)>=N(x;d,r) for every x. Here N(x;d,a) denotes the number of integers n<=x such that every prime divisor p of n satisfies p=a(mod d). In this paper we develop some tools to deal with this type of problem and apply them to show that, for example, N(x;4,3)>=N(x;4,1) for every x. In the process we express the so called second order Landau-Ramanujan constant as an infinite series and show that the same type of formula holds true for a much larger class of constants.SR4200821419191919$\beta$-Boundedness, Semipassivity, and the KMS-Conditionuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114571Kuckert;;Bernd;;The proof of a recent result by Guido and Longo establishing the equivalence of the KMS-condition with complete $\beta$-boundedness is shortcut and generalized in such a way that a covariant version of the theroem is obtained.SR4210220519911991Protheorie sozialer Ungleichheit und kollektiven Handelns: Tl. 2. Kollektives Handeln546uva/uba/fmg/aissrOpladenLeske + Budrich38100091721196561000114;1;01;25002100;25011200;;01;01;01-10-19764220220519911991Protheorie van sociale ongelijkheid en collectief handelen: dl. 2. Collectief handelen534uva/uba/fmg/aissrGroningenWolters-Noordhoff90010484121196511000114;1;01;25002100;25011200;;01;01;01-10-19761038639;2;02;21005203;21000900;;08;01;01-01-20014230120519801980Gesellschaftsgeschichte unter dem Primat von Ethik und Politik111242221235694698uva/uba/fmg/aissr1197721000114;1;01;25002100;25011200;;01;01;01-10-19764240821419191919Pluripolar sets: hulls and completenessuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114542Wiegerinck;;Jan;;This is a survey of recent work in which completeness of certain graphs of analytic functions was established. The analytic functions are either gap series or have isolated singularities.SR4250821419191919Exposedness in Hardy spaces of domains of finite connectivityuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114543Beneker;;Paul;;Wiegerinck;;Jan;;In this paper we investigate various properties of (strongly) exposed points in the unit ball of the Hardy space $H^1$ over a domain of finite connectivity, and discuss how these compare with results for the unit disc.SR4260821419191919Credit in Acceptance Sampling on Attributesuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114544Klaassen;;Chris A.J.;;Credit is introduced in acceptance sampling on attributes and a Credit Based Acceptance sampling system is developed that is very easy to apply in practice. The credit of a producer is defined as the total number of items accepted since the last rejection. In our sampling system the sample size for a lot depends via a simple function on the lot size, the credit, and the chosen guaranteed upper limit on the outgoing quality, and will be much smaller than in isolated lot inspection. Our Credit Based Acceptance sampling system also yields a simple continuous sampling plan.SR4270320519781978Van zwarte pieten en witte boorden: beslissingsmomenten bij de opsporing van Hinderwetovertredingen185572uva/uba/fdrUtrechtArs Aequi Libri9070094274Beslissingsmomenten in het strafrecht1201991020210;1;01;21122100;;;08;01;01-09-1977Brants;;C.;;Gunther Moor;;L.G.H.;Leuw;;E.;4280120519771977Kernenergie en de bedreiging van de persoonlijke levenssfeer31482919779-101290101uva/uba/fdr1201971020210;1;01;21122100;;;08;01;01-09-1977Hoeven;van der;E.;;4290821419191919Function algebras on disksuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114562Nguyen;;Quang Dieu;;Paepe;;Peter de;;For a small closed disk $D$ in the complex plane the uniform closure $A$ in $C(D)$ of the polynomials in $z^2$ and a second function of the form $f^2$, with $f$ behaving as $\bar z$, is considered. It has been shown before, using theory of polynomial convexity, that $A \ne C(D)$ for some choices of $f$, while for other choices of $f$ the situation $A=
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