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Zoekopdracht: faculteit: "UvA" en publicatiejaar: "2000"

AuteursC.A. Scrucca, M. Serone
TitelSigma-model symmetry in orientifold models
Instituut/afd.UvA: Universiteitsbibliotheek
TrefwoordenD-branes, orientifolds, anomalies
SamenvattingWe investigate in the simplest compact D=4 N=1 Type IIB orientifold models the sigma-model symmetry, suggested by the proposed duality of these models to heterotic orbifold vacua. This symmetry is known to be present at the classical level, and is associated to a composite connection involving untwisted moduli in the low-energy supergravity theory. In order to study possible anomalies arising at the quantum level, we compute potentially anomalous one-loop amplitudes involving gluons, gravitons and composite connections. We argue that the effective vertex operator associated to the composite connection has the same form as that for a geometric deformation of the orbifold. Assuming this, we are able to compute the complete anomaly polynomial, and find that all the anomalies are canceled through a Green-Schwarz mechanism mediated by twisted RR axions, as previously conjectured. Some questions about the field theory interpretation of our results remain open.SR4550821419191919A generalization of Kummer's identityuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114552Vidunas;;Raimundas;;The well-known Kummer's formula evaluates the hypergeometric series ${}_2F_1(A,B;C;-1)$ when the relation $B-A+C=1$ holds. In this paper a formula is presented which evaluates this series in case when $B-A+C$ is an integer. The formula expresses the infinite series as a linear combination of two $\Gamma$-terms with coefficients being finite hypergeometric ${}_3F_2$ series. The generalized formula basically follows from the results of Whipple. A complete proof is given using Zeilberger's method and contiguous relations. Algorithmical problems of summation of this kind of series are considered.SR4560821419191919Some details of proofs of theorems related to the quantum dynamical Yang-Baxter equationuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114553Koornwinder;;Tom H.;;This paper gives some further details of proofs of some theorems related to the quantum dynamical Yang-Baxter equation. This mainly expands proofs given in "Lectures on the dynamical Yang-Baxter equation" by P. Etingof and O. Schiffmann, math.QA/9908064. This concerns the intertwining operator, the fusion matrix, the exchange matrix and the difference operators. The last part expands proofs given in "Traces of intertwiners for quantum groups and difference equations, I" by P. Etingof and A. Varchenko, math.QA/9907181. This concerns the dual Macdonald-Ruijsenaars equations. This paper does not claim originality, priority or completeness. It is meant as a service to whoever may take profit of it.SR4570821419191919QDYBE: some explicit formulas for exchange matrix and related objects in case of sl(2), q=1uva/uba/fnwi/kvi114554Koornwinder;;Tom H.;;Touhami;;N.;;This mainly tutorial paper is intended as a somewhat larger example for parts of the theory exposed in the Lectures on the dynamical Yang-Baxter equations by P. Etingof and O. Schiffmann, math.QA/9908064. We explicitly compute the matrix entries of the intertwining operator, fusion matrix and exchange matrix associated to sl(2,R) for q=1. We also consider the weighted trace function and the dual Macdonald-Ruijsenaars equation for this particular case. As expected, the matrix entries of the exchange matrix turn out to be Racah polynomials. However, the road to their explicit formula via the fusion matrix is quick, and it also yields an interesting way to derive their orthogonality relations.SR4580320520032003De rechtspositie van werknemers bij surseance van betaling en faillissement31uva/uba/fdr/hsiDeventerKluwer9013006558Monografie├źn sociaal rechtArbeidsrechtelijke aspecten van reorganisatie1198491020270;1;02;21122000;;;04;01;01-03-1997Verburg;;L.G.;Zondag ;;W.A.;4590220520002000Het re├»ntegratieplan bij verzoeken om ontbinding van de arbeidsovereenkomst van zieke werknemers101uva/uba/fdr/hsiDen HaagElzevier9057495856Onderzoek uitgevoerd in opdracht van het Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid door IVA Tilburg en het Hugo Sinzheimer Instituut1199801020270;1;02;21122000;;;04;01;01-03-19
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