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Zoekopdracht: faculteit: "UvA" en publicatiejaar: "2000"

AuteurTom H. Koornwinder
TitelSome details of proofs of theorems related to the quantum dynamical Yang-Baxter equation
Instituut/afd.UvA: Universiteitsbibliotheek
TrefwoordenQuantum dynamical Yang-Baxter equation, intertwining operator, fusion matrix, exchange matrix, weighted trace function, dual Macdonald-Ruijsenaars equations
SamenvattingThis paper gives some further details of proofs of some theorems related to the quantum dynamical Yang-Baxter equation. This mainly expands proofs given in "Lectures on the dynamical Yang-Baxter equation" by P. Etingof and O. Schiffmann, math.QA/9908064. This concerns the intertwining operator, the fusion matrix, the exchange matrix and the difference operators. The last part expands proofs given in "Traces of intertwiners for quantum groups and difference equations, I" by P. Etingof and A. Varchenko, math.QA/9907181. This concerns the dual Macdonald-Ruijsenaars equations. This paper does not claim originality, priority or completeness. It is meant as a service to whoever may take profit of it.SR4570821419191919QDYBE: some explicit formulas for exchange matrix and related objects in case of sl(2), q=1uva/uba/fnwi/kvi114554Koornwinder;;Tom H.;;Touhami;;N.;;This mainly tutorial paper is intended as a somewhat larger example for parts of the theory exposed in the Lectures on the dynamical Yang-Baxter equations by P. Etingof and O. Schiffmann, math.QA/9908064. We explicitly compute the matrix entries of the intertwining operator, fusion matrix and exchange matrix associated to sl(2,R) for q=1. We also consider the weighted trace function and the dual Macdonald-Ruijsenaars equation for this particular case. As expected, the matrix entries of the exchange matrix turn out to be Racah polynomials. However, the road to their explicit formula via the fusion matrix is quick, and it also yields an interesting way to derive their orthogonality relations.SR4580320520032003De rechtspositie van werknemers bij surseance van betaling en faillissement31uva/uba/fdr/hsiDeventerKluwer9013006558Monografieën sociaal rechtArbeidsrechtelijke aspecten van reorganisatie1198491020270;1;02;21122000;;;04;01;01-03-1997Verburg;;L.G.;Zondag ;;W.A.;4590220520002000Het reïntegratieplan bij verzoeken om ontbinding van de arbeidsovereenkomst van zieke werknemers101uva/uba/fdr/hsiDen HaagElzevier9057495856Onderzoek uitgevoerd in opdracht van het Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid door IVA Tilburg en het Hugo Sinzheimer Instituut1199801020270;1;02;21122000;;;04;01;01-03-19971001505;1;01;21122000;;;08;01;01-03-1984Marcelissen;;F.;;Pas;van de;I.;;4600320520002000Ethnic and religious state-neutrality: utopia or myth?uva/uba/fmg/aissrMellenModes of belonging and politics of recognition1200591000114;1;01;25002100;25011200;;01;01;01-10-1976Sicakkan;;H.;Lithman;;Y.;4610320520002000Immigrationuva/uba/fmg/aissrLondonRoutledge0415234417Routledge ECPR studies in European political scienceInternational distributive justice: cosmopolitanism and its critics1201621000114;1;01;25002100;25011200;;01;01;01-10-1976Caney;;S.;Lehning;;P.;4620320519981998Ethnizität, Rassismus und Klassen: post-Marxism and beyondAS 2473096125uva/uba/fmg/aissrHamburgArgument-Verlag3886192474Argument Sonderbände, N.F.Die Wiederentdeckung der Klassen1200421000114;1;01;25002100;25011200;;01;01;01-10-1976Bader;;V.M.;prif. dr.Benschop;;A.;dr.Krätke;;M.;4630821419191919Credit-based accept-zero sampling schemes for the control of outgoing qualityuva/uba/fnwi/kvi114546Baillie;;David H.;;Klaassen;;Chris A.J.;;A general procedure is presented for switching between accept-zero attributes or variables sampling plans to provide acceptance sampling schemes with a specified limit on the (suitably defined) average outgoing quality (AOQ). The switching procedure is based on credit, defined as the total number of items accepted since the last rejection. The limit on the AOQ is maintained by mandatory 100 % inspection of lots that are rejected when the credit is zero, with acceptance of all inspected items found to be conforming in such lots. The general procedure is developed and the application of the procedure to three situations is considered. Denoting the smallest value in a sample by $X_{(1)}$, a single, lower specification limit by $L$ and a constant by $c$, the method is applied to: - sampling by a
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