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Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid - 2011

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121   Rapport: Beyond design: the evolution of Europol and Eurojust
M. Busuioc (2011), p. 33
122   Rapport: European agencies and their boards: too much board, too little monitoring
M. Busuioc (2011), p. 30
123   Rapport: The EU internal security strategy, the EU policy cycle and the role of (AFSJ) agencies: promise, perils and pre-requisites
M. Busuioc, D. Curtin (2011), p. 24
124   Artikel: The impact of violence on at-risk youth in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands
J. Butters, L.D. Harrison, D.J. Korf, S. Brochu, P.G. Erickson in: Victims & Offenders, Vol. 6 (2011), p. 341-355
125   Hoofdstuk: Just cause for despair among Dutch notaries? A twenty-first century crisis viewed through the prism of European history
C.M. Cappon in: The landscape of the legal professions in Europe and the USA: continuity and change (2011), p. 71-91
126   Hoofdstuk: There's no place in our space for you: the coming about of bans on gathering in public spaces
D. Chevalier in: The ethnically diverse city (2011), p. 213-227
127   Artikel: Responsibility of international organizations under international law for the acts of global health public-private partnerships
L. Clarke in: Chicago Journal of International Law, Vol. 12 (2011), p. 55-84
128   Hoofdstuk: The exercise of public power over global health through public-private partnerships and the question of responsibility under international law
L. Clarke in: Proceedings of the 105th Annual Meeting (2011), p. 96-100
129  download 482789 Rapport: LIDC Congress 2011: report for congress: question B: To what extent should online intermediaries (such as ISPs and operators of online market places) be responsible for the control or prohibition of unfair competitive practices (in particular sales of products contrary to the law) carried out on their systems?
T. Cook, C. Handig, M.W. Mosing, J. Cermak, L. Acelin Lécuyer, J.-P. Arroyo, T. Hoeren, Á. Liber, E. Ortaglio, N. Zingales, J. Kabel, C. Torelm, V.A. Rodieux, C. Stothers, E. Varanini (2011), p. 39
130   Artikel: Aanmerkelijk belang; conserverende aanslag en verkrijgingsprijs
R.P.C. Cornelisse in: NTFR. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht, Vol. 2011 (2011), p. 1-2