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Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid - 2009

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561   Hoofdstuk: Conclusions and outlook
A. Nollkaemper, H. van der Wilt in: System criminality in international law (2009), p. 338-353
562   Artikel: Constitutionalization and the unity of the law of international responsibility
A. Nollkaemper in: Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Vol. 16 (2009), p. 535-563
563   Hoofdstuk: Introduction
A. Nollkaemper in: System criminality in international law (2009), p. 1-25
564   Hoofdstuk: Sovereignty and environmental justice in international law
A. Nollkaemper in: Environmental law and justice in context (2009), p. 253-269
565   Hoofdstuk: State responsibility for international crimes: a review of principles of reparation
A. Nollkaemper in: The diversity of international law: essays in honour of professor Kalliopi K. Koufa (2009), p. 487-518
566   Artikel: The effect of the ECHR and judgments of the ECTHR on national law: comments on the paper of Enzo Cannizzaro
A. Nollkaemper in: The Italian yearbook of international law, Vol. 19 (2009), p. 189-197
567  download 181620 Artikel: The European courts and the Security Council: between d├ędoublement fonctionnel and balancing of values: three replies to Pasquale de Sena and Maria Chiara Vitucci
A. Nollkaemper in: European Journal of International Law, Vol. 20 (2009), p. 862-870
568   Artikel: The internationalized rule of law
A. Nollkaemper in: Hague journal on the rule of law, Vol. 1 (2009), p. 74-78
569   Hoofdstuk: The Netherlands
A. Nollkaemper in: The role of domestic courts in treaty enforcement: a comparative study (2009), p. 326-369
570  download 181641 Artikel: The reception by the International Court of Justice of decisions of domestic courts
A. Nollkaemper in: : Rivista di Diritto Pubblico Italiano, Comunitario e Comparato, Vol. 7 (2009), p. 24