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Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid - 1997

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41   Artikel: Universiteit in verandering
A.J. Nieuwenhuis in: TBP, Vol. 52 (1997), p. 810-814
42   Artikel: The Protection of Small Cetaceans in the Face of Uncertainty: An Analysis of the ASCOBANS Agreement,
H. Nijkamp, P.A. Nollkaemper in: Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, Vol. 9 (1997), p. 281-302
43   Artikel: Between the Forests and the Trees: an Emerging International Forest Law
P.A. Nollkaemper, J. Brunnee in: Environmental Conservation, Vol. 23 (1997), p. 307-314
44  download 15466 Artikel: Habitat Protection in European Community Law: Evolving Conceptions of a Balance of Interests
P.A. Nollkaemper in: Journal of Environmental Law, Vol. 9 (1997), p. 271-286
45   Hoofdstuk: Legal Controls of Land-Based Discharges of Marine Debris: From Local to Global Controls and Back
P.A. Nollkaemper in: Marine Debris. Sources, Impacts and Solutions (1997), p. 293-306
46   Hoofdstuk: The External Competences of the European Community with Regard to Marine Pollution from Maritime Transport: the Frail Legal Support for Grand Ambitions
P.A. Nollkaemper in: Competing norms in the law of marine environmental protection: focus on ship safety and pollution prevention (1997), p. 165-186
47   Boekredactie: Trapped by furs? : the legality of the European Community's fur import ban in EC and international law : proceedings of a conference held at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Friday January 17, 1997
P.A. Nollkaemper (1997), p. X, 99
48   Artikel: Europese Berichten
R.H. van Ooik, B.M. Veltkamp in: RegelMaat, Vol. 1997 (1997), p. 42-44
49   Artikel: Europese Berichten
R.H. van Ooik, B.M. Veltkamp in: RegelMaat, Vol. 1997 (1997), p. 128-129
50   Artikel: Europese Berichten
R.H. van Ooik, B.M. Veltkamp in: RegelMaat, Vol. 1997 (1997), p. 156-157