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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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81   Artikel: Supramolecular self-assembled ligands in asymmetric transition metal catalysis
R. Bellini, J.I. van der Vlugt, J.N.H. Reek in: Israel journal of chemistry, Vol. 52 (2012), p. 613-629
82   Artikel: Sorption behavior of charged and neutral polar organic compounds on solid phase extraction materials: which functional group governs sorption?
P.S. Bäuerlein, J.E. Mansell, T.L. ter Laak, P. de Voogt in: Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 46 (2012), p. 954-961
83   Hoofdstuk: Exploiting structure in cooperative Bayesian games
F.A. Oliehoek, S. Whiteson, M.T.J. Spaan in: Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence: Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Conference (2012), p. 654-664
84   Artikel: Screening and human health risk assessment of pharmaceuticals and their transformation products in Dutch surface waters and drinking water
C.M. de Jongh, P.J.F. Kooij, P. de Voogt, T.L. ter Laak in: Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 427/428 (2012), p. 70-77
85   Artikel: Impact of treatment processes on the removal of perfluoroalkyl acids from the drinking water production chain
C. Eschauzier, E. Beerendonk, P. Scholte-Veenendaal, P. de Voogt in: Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 46 (2012), p. 1708-1715
86   Artikel: Wait or escape? Contrasting submergence tolerance strategies of Rorippa amphibia, Rorippa sylvestris and their hybrid
M. Akman, A.V. Bhikharie, E.H. McLean, A. Boonman, E.J.W. Visser, M.E. Schranz, P.H. van Tienderen in: Annals of Botany, Vol. 109 (2012), p. 1263-1275
87  download 491411 Artikel: Thyroid hormone metabolism and environmental chemical exposure
M.M. Leijs, G.W. ten Tusscher, K. Olie, T. van Teunenbroek, W.M.C. van Aalderen, P. de Voogt, T. Vulsma, A. Bartonova, M. Krayer von Krauss, C. Mosoiu, H. Riojas-Rodriguez, G. Calamandrei, J.G. Koppe in: Environmental Health, Vol. 11 (2012), p. S10-
88   Artikel: The transcriptional response to chronic stress and glucocorticoid receptor blockade in the hippocampal dentate gyrus.
N.A. Datson, N. Speksnijder, J.L. Mayer, P.J. Steenbergen, O. Korobko, J. Goeman, E.R. de Kloet, M. Joels, P.J. Lucassen in: Hippocampus, Vol. 22 (2012), p. 359-371
89   Artikel: Direct analysis and identification of opportunistic Lichtheimia species by Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) - Time-Of-Flight (TOF) analyzer-mediated mass spectrometry
W. Schrödl, T. Heydel, V.U. Schwartze, K. Hoffmann, G. Walther, A. Alastruey-Izquierdo, J.L. Rodriguez-Tudela, P. Olias, I.D. Jacobsen, G.S. de Hoog, K. Voigt in: Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Vol. 50 (2012), p. 419-427
90   Artikel: Hindering effects in diffusion of CO2/CH4 mixtures in ZIF-8 crystals
C. Chmelik, J. van Baten, R. Krishna in: Journal of Membrane Science, Vol. 397-398 (2012), p. 87-91