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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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31   Artikel: Organic loss in drained wetland: managing the carbon footprint
B. Durham, R. van de Noort, V.V. Martens, M. Vorenhout in: Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites, Vol. 14 (2012), p. 85-98
32   Artikel: Nitrification expanded: discovery, physiology, and genomics of a nitrite-oxidizing bacterium from the phylum Chloroflexii
D.Y. Sorokin, S. Lücker, D. Vejmelkova, N.A. Kostrikina, R. Kleerebezem, W.I.C. Rijpstra, J.S. Sinnenghe Damsté, D. Le Paslier, G. Muyzer, M. Wagner, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, H. Daims in: The ISME Journal, Vol. 6 (2012), p. 2245-2256
33  download 489381 Artikel: The nutrient-load hypothesis: patterns of resource limitation and community structure driven by competition for nutrients and light
V.S. Brauer, M. Stomp, J. Huisman in: American Naturalist, Vol. 179 (2012), p. 721-740
34  download 489387 Artikel: Spatial patterns of iron- and methane-oxidizing bacterial communities in an irregularly flooded, riparian wetland
J. Wang, S. Krause, G. Muyzer, M. Meima-Franke, H.J. Laanbroek, P.L.E. Bodelier in: Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol. 3 (2012), p. 13
35  download 491409 Artikel: Simulating climate change impacts on forests and associated vascular epiphytes in a subtropical island of East Asia
R.C.C. Hsu, W.L.M. Tamis, N. Raes, G.R. de Snoo, J.H.D. Wolf, G. Oostermeijer, S.H. Lin in: Diversity and distributions, Vol. 18 (2012), p. 334-347
36   Artikel: Simple rules describe bottom-up and top-down control in food webs with alternative energy pathways
S. Wollrab, S. Diehl, A.M. de Roos in: Ecology Letters, Vol. 15 (2012), p. 935-946
37   Artikel: Vruchtbare bodems van Mauritius verdwijnen in zee
S. Norder, K.F. Rijsdijk, H. Seijmonsbergen, E. van Loon, S. Rughooputh, T. Kamminga in: Geografie, Vol. 21 (2012), p. 34-36
38   Artikel: Symbiotic bacteria (Erwinia sp.) in the gut of Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) do not affect its ability to transmit tospovirus
E.J. de Vries, F. van de Wetering, M.M. van der Hoek, G. Jacobs, J.A.J. Breeuwer in: European Journal of Entomology, Vol. 109 (2012), p. 261-266
39   Artikel: Morphological, molecular and cross-breeding analysis of geographic populations of coconut-mite associated predatory mites identified as Neoseiulus baraki: evidence for cryptic species?
N.F. Sourassou, R. Hanna, I. Zannou, J.A.J. Breeuwer, G. de Moraes, M.W. Sabelis in: Experimental and Applied Acarology, Vol. 57 (2012), p. 15-36
40   Artikel: Size- and food-dependent growth drives patterns of competitive dominance along productivity gradients
M. Huss, A. Gårdmark, A. van Leeuwen, A.M. de Roos in: Ecology, Vol. 93 (2012), p. 847-857