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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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311   Artikel: Colloidal aggregation in microgravity by critical Casimir forces
S.J. Veen, O. Antoniuk, B. Weber, M.A.C. Potenza, S. Mazzoni, P. Schall, G.H. Wegdam in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 109 (2012), p. 248302-
312   Hoofdstuk: Epilepsy as a dynamic disease of neuronal networks
F.H. Lopes da Silva, J.A. Gorter, W.J. Wadman in: Epilepsy. - Pt. 1: Basic principles and diagnosis (2012), p. 35-62
313   Artikel: Uncoupling of substrate-level phosphorylation in Escherichia coli during glucose-limited growth
P. Sharma, K.J. Hellingwerf, M.J. Teixeira De Mattos, M. Bekker in: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol. 78 (2012), p. 6908-6913
314   Artikel: Distributional (in)congruence of biodiversity–ecosystem functioning
C. Mulder, A. Boit, S. Mori, J.A. Vonk, S.D. Dyer, L. Faggiano, S. Geisen, A.L. González, M. Kaspari, S. Lavorel, P.A. Marquet, A.G. Rossberg, R.W. Sterner, W. Voigt, D.H. Wall in: Advances in Ecological Research, Vol. 46 (2012), p. 1-88
315   Artikel: Independence of neutral and adaptive divergence in a low dispersal marine mollusc
S. Mariani, K.T.C.A. Peijnenburg, D. Weetman in: Marine Ecology - Progress Series, Vol. 446 (2012), p. 173-187
316  download 488092 Hoofdstuk: Geomorphological change detection using object-based feature extraction from multi-temporal LIDAR data
A.C. Seijmonsbergen, N.S. Anders, W. Bouten in: International Conference on Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis, 4 (GEOBIA): Rio de Janeiro - RJ, May 7-9, 2012: proceedings (2012), p. 484-489
317  download 469056 Artikel: Random skew plane partitions with a piecewise periodic back wall
C. Boutillier, S. Mkrtchyan, N. Reshetikhin, P. Tingley in: Annales Henri Poincaré, Vol. 13 (2012), p. 271-296
318   Artikel: Dark matter results from 225 live days of XENON100 data
E. Aprile, . et al, M.P. Decowski, A.P. Colijn in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 109 (2012), p. 181301-
319   Artikel: Measurement of the double-/beta decay half-life of ^{136}Xe with the KamLAND-Zen experiment.
A. Gando, . et al, M.P. Decowski in: Physical Review C, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 045504-
320   Artikel: Limits on Majoron-emitting double-beta decays of Xe-136 in the KamLAND-Zen experiment.
A. Gando, . et al, M.P. Decowski in: Physical Review C, Vol. 86 (2012), p. 021601-