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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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271   Artikel: Random forest algorithm yields accurate quantitative prediction models of benthic light at intertidal sites affected by toxic Lyngbya majuscula blooms
M.J. Kehoe, K. O’ Brien, A. Grinham, D. Rissik, K.S. Ahern, P. Maxwell in: Harmful Algae, Vol. 19 (2012), p. 46-52
272  download 461194 Artikel: A critical assessment of SELDI-TOF-MS for biomarker discovery in serum and tissue of patients with an ovarian mass
W. Wegdam, P.D. Moerland, D. Meijer, S.M. de Jong, H.C.J. Hoefsloot, G.G. Kenter, M.R. Buist, J.M. Aerts in: Proteome Sci, Vol. 10 (2012), p. 10
273   Artikel: Gene expression patterns and life cycle responses of toxicant-exposed chironomids
M. Marinković, W.C. de Leeuw, W.A. Ensink, M. de Jong, T.M. Breit, W. Admiraal, M.H.S. Kraak, M.J. Jonker in: Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 46 (2012), p. 12679-12686
274  download 459731 Artikel: Effect of salinity on nitrogenase activity and composition of the active diazotrophic community in intertidal microbial mats
I. Severin, V. Confurius-Guns, L.J. Stal in: Archives of Microbiology, Vol. 194 (2012), p. 483-491
275   Artikel: Dinitrogen fixation in a unicellular chlorophyll d-containing cyanobacterium
U. Pfreundt, L.J. Stal, B. Voss, W.R. Hess in: The ISME Journal, Vol. 6 (2012), p. 1367-1377
276   Artikel: Lmx1a is an activator of Rgs4 and Gbr10 and is responsible for the correct specification of rostral and medial mdDA neurons.
E.J. Hoekstra, L. von Oerthel, A.J.A. van der Linden, R.D. Schellevis, G. Scheppink, F.C.P. Holstege, M.J. Groot-Koerkamp, L.P. van der Heide, M.P. Smidt in: European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 37 (2012), p. 23-32
277  download 460547 Artikel: Dancing with the tides: fluctuations of coastal phytoplankton orchestrated by different oscillatory modes of the tidal cycle
A.N. Blauw, E. Beninca, R.W.P.M. Laane, N. Greenwood, J. Huisman in: PLoS One, Vol. 7 (2012), p. 14
278  download 460655 Proefschrift: Large scale semantic 3D modeling of the urban landscape
I. Esteban Lopez (2012), p. iv, xx, 158
279  download 460974 Preprint: Complexity of Judgment Aggregation
U. Endriss, U. Grandi, D. Porello in: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Vol. 45 (2012)
280  download 467021 Artikel: Elucidating the locking mechanism of peptides onto growing amyloid fibrils through transition path sampling
M. Schor, J. Vreede, P.G. Bolhuis in: Biophysical Journal, Vol. 103 (2012), p. 1296-1304